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People of Gridania and some hunting.

Hiya, dears!

A lot
has happened lately! In my eagerness to be a good weaver and to be useful to those who need me, I have started doing some extra work for the Ixali. They're not very nice, but they want to go on a trip and, hey, that sounds great to me!
Others who ask me for things are these people who look like floating artichokes. Don't be offended, they all seem sooo cute to me, but I'm very bad at names and here, in Eorzea, there are hundreds of weird names.

I have also discovered that to keep advancing in the Order of the Twin Adder, I have to hunt more creatures everywhere, so, I had to adjust my beret and started to search. It gets hard sometimes, but it is what it is. As every cloud has a silver lining and as I have not yet been able to dedicate time to the sightseen log, I have taken advantage of these searches to take a photo of my unicorn and with a waterfall in the background. Idyllic. It's surprising how well my photos work from a distance and without a camera :D.

Ah! Do you know Louhelic? No? Come on, you have had to see him lots of times in Gridania.
Louhelic is the first in my new series... PEOPLE OF GRIDANIA [clap, clap, clap].
This man is dedicated to taking care of children who like to open their heads against the ground ... The best of all is that the poor man has been told that this would help him to be a better carpenter.
Anyway, things from Gridania. I leave you another one of those photos that I take without knowing how, although, hey, I'm a mage, ain't I?

I almost forgot! The other day I was in the house of the Free Company that adopted me. Amazing! I already told you it's called Final Wish, right? Well, come over and we'll show you the piano, the bonfire, the two ... I don't-know-what-e who do some work there and, if you're lucky, you'll be able to see a kind of spaceship that I don't really know what it's for, but it looks very cool and keeps repeating to me: "you do not have permission to do that".
I think my next goal will be to get enough money to get a room there! It's a lot, but it'll be worth it if that way I can stop being a homeless :_D

I leave you for now, fellow adventurers!

Kisses, Venkers!
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