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Journey to Dawntrail

Hello it's been so long!

Funny story, I actually drafted up a post pre Endwalker and well apparently I didn't actually post it and it disappeared into the aether! T_T

But I am here finally to make another post about my journey since ARR and let me tell you it has been a crazy journey! I wish I could have posted about Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringer, and obviously Endwalker but it would have involved a lot of crying and "WTF" moments that probably would have been labeled as spoilers! For any new players, please stick with it through A Realm Reborn because the rest of the expansions are unforgettable and absolutely incredible.

As far as my personal journey has gone, I joined <Fate> and have made incredible friends in the community. I completed my first Ultimate Raid, UwU, and proceeded to clear my second Ultimate Raid, TEA. My goal is to clear UCoB by the end of the year or at least beginning of 2025.

As a NIN main, I am ecstatic to pick up Viper and master it. What class are you exctied for?

Well thanks for reading and please hit me up if you're new and looking for a Mentor through the expansions. I will gladly help or if you just want to expand your friends list or are interested in joining <Fate> we are always open to new members!

Welp, see you in Dawntrail!!!
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