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4/12/21 - Tip of the Iceberg (NIN 51)

So I have completely stopped doing sidequests because I really want to get to the end of A Realm Reborn (ARR) and into Shadowbringers (ShB). After grinding a full nights worth of MSQ my friends told me that there is Heavensword and Stormblood and they're small expansions to ARR? I am blown away at how much content there is and honestly I should have expected it. I'm excited to grind through it because the story so far has been pretty good and it's suppose to get better.

I finished the NIN Job Quest and it was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the story and could really relate to Oboro and Karasu. Being a NIN and having all of my Mudras on hand is a lot of fun. I'm starting to get use to weaving in oGCD and Ninjutsus into my rotations but I still have to look at the keyboard sometimes to make sure I am not messing up. Learning what to do "Prepull" and "Openers" is exhausting and that's not including "Re-openers". Note that this is all at Lv50 and I know there are more abilities to unlock up to Lv80. How do you guys manage your hotbars and abilities? What shortcuts do you use to help get to your abilities faster without having to move your hand away from the "Prime" spot?

Obviously I finally hit Lv50 in my first class and it feels great. Unfortunately I know that until I get to Heavensword all of the quests are synched to Lv50 so I'm curious... should I level a different class or stick with NIN until I hit 80? Let me know what your suggestions are!

How long did it take you to catch up to ShB and finish it? For a person like me who works roughly 50hrs a week, what are your suggestions on how to balance this game, work, and other games? Are Free Companies worth joining at this stage of my game?
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