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Request: Hilda's Ponytail Modern Aesthetics

It's no secret the hairstyles in FFXIV are really lackluster & really similar to one another. Players request variety in hairstyles as well as NPC hairstyles.
We're getting the Rainmaker & that's great for people who missed it but I myself have no like for it. Id just fit it in with the rest of the "anime protagonist cringe hairstyles"
I'd like to see something more natural but still really stylish & one hairstyle that comes to mind is Hilda's Ponytail- Countless Players have requested it since Hilda's release; many have thought we'd have gotten her hairstyle by now & even an Elezen Hybrid option (short elf ears)

I'm just pitching my 2 cents in along with the thousands of other people who've requested Hilda's Ponytail- Please, continue to listen to FFXIV playerbase & make Hilda's Ponytail hairstyle available for player use!
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