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The Neverending Quest

Greetings fellow travelers!

Spent most of the day lost in the fog of confusion that is the Gentleman quest line. Where the hell did Uncle Ulty come from? All of a sudden here's Ultros, the comic relief octopus, doing his Wil. E. Coyote impression... WTF?!?!@

Anyroad, this lead me to the WWE Goofball fight of the century vs. Typhon the Sneezer + Uncle Ulty the lecherous (cop'in them feels.) The fight WAS fun; I spent most of it Imp Punching Uncle Ulty's bean bag! And after a thorough sac slapping, I was rewarded with Godbert's rendition of Ultros in minion form! A masterpiece!

Approaching the finale, the story turns a darker shade and we learn about the history of Ul'dah and it's rise to "Prosperity and Power." With the 1000 faced Thief escalating to murder most foul.

Should be an entertaining ride now that my tolerance for slapstick has increased. I might just LOL at some of this stupidity, because if you don't it'll eat you up from the inside out!

Till next time!

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