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The 1st LalaTank March in Tonberry!

『1st LalaTank March in Tonberry』
Written by Momoka Rin, translated by S'devlynn Chryx / Kukuri Sil'kuri


Japanese version is in the blue link above!

☆Overview: Event Concept☆
Lalafell in a military parade is the concept of this current event! It is not about going to war but more like a military exercise for everyone's entertainment.

When Tweeting, tag your tweet with【#とんべりララ散歩】or【#ララたんくマーチ】please (*´ー`*)

New points added:
- ◎Important◎ Please do not summon your minions.
- ◎THINGS TO BRING◎ You are free to use any dye for the outfit but crazy and uncomfortable colour coordination is a no.
- ☆The overall flow of the event☆ Only the Rolling Tankard Mount is allowed, those who do not have it please join the parade as infantries.
-【The overall flow of the event】This time two events will be combined。
 『Ul'dah』→『Central Thanalan:Dispatch Yard』
【Tonberry Lalafell Walk】
『Central Thanalan:Dispatch Yard』→ middle of『Southern Thanalan: Sagolii Desert』
【LalaTank March】
-【About LalaTank March】
※All races are welcomed to join the【Rolling Tankard】parade!We will all be parading in one line!If the line is too long we may devide it into two instead.

Gathering place: Ul'dah Alchemists’ Guild (x9.6 y11.8)

Date:October 31st (Sat) 20:30 JST (GMT+9)!


20:30~ Gathering
21:00~ Event intro→Event briefing→costume & fireworks distribution→group photo
21:30~ Onwards to [Central Thanalan: Dispatch Yard]! (Rest and group photo)
22:00 Mount the【Rolling Tankard】and head to the middle of [Southern Thanalan: Sagolii Desert].
~23:00 Group photo and fireworks display etc
※this timing is an estimation
If you’re interested in attending, please arrive at the venue by 20:30

Only the [Rolling Tankard] Mount is allowed on this parade, those without it do join us as infantries.
Please do not bring your minions as it may lower framerate.
Let’s make it fun!
Other races are welcome!
Feel free to lead and escort your own group~
Newcomers and Eorzeans from other worlds are welcome to enjoy this event (`▽´*)
※I will be using『Shout』so please display it in your chatbox

①About musical performance (Bard)
According to the rules of FF14, if you play songs not included in FF14, all your efforts recording will be wasted as you are not allowed to post it to social medias or YouTube channels. Therefore,【please don't do it】as other people will be recording the event as well.

②About using job skills
When there is a gathering, there are people who enjoys standing out by spamming their flashy job skills, for example White Mage’s [Holy], Paladin’s [Passage of Arms], Machinist’s [Bioblaster] and [Flamethrower] etc etc.
These people have been warned every event、so【please don't do it】
as it would interfere with recordings and will also reduce the PC’s frame rate. If combat is needed (mobs aggro-ed), usage of skills is allowed.

③Please refrain from using [Sprint] during the event. Feel free to use it to outrun mobs and escape death though!
※Riding on the leader’s mount is allowed.

For participants dress code, we're gonna dress like soldiers! Honestly I wanted everyone to dress as dwarfs but we've decided on this so newcomers can participate as well.

Head: Anemos hat Body: Anemos jacket

Head: Anemos Hat Body: Anemos Suspenders Shirt

Head: Anemos Spot Helm Body: Anemos Gambisun

You can mix and match these 3 sets of gears, and the other slots are entirely up to you.You are free to use any dye for the outfit but please refrain from using any colour combination that may offend or caused others to feel uncomfortable. Wear one of the [Head], [Body]above and bring some [fireworks] to join in the fun! (For example [seasonal miscellany] like [Heavenscracker] and [Meteor shower])

※You can either buy it off the Market Board or get it from us at the gathering point 『Ul'dah: Alchemist Guild (x9.6 y11.8)』 on the day before the event October 30th (Fri) 21:00 JST. Those who received it, please remember to come and join the event 💗

※We will be distributing it on the day itself as well.

◎Participation Requirement◎
Nothing much other than having fun!Those who have the Rolling Tankard Mount do come have fun with us!

☆The overall flow of the event☆
●20:30 【Gathering time!】

Gather at『Ul'dah : Alchemists’ Guild (x9.6 y11.8)』

●21:00 【Event starts!】
I will be explaining the event. Please wait for a moment.
After that, 3 other staff members and I will be distributing the costumes and fireworks at the fountain
※Those who are ready and on standby, please sit down or use the blue /cheeron emote.       

After that, we will start to queue up for『LalaWalk』 ☆彡
The head of the queue will be advancing southwards so please line up accordingly.

It's a bit difficult to see but please extend the queue line in this direction according to the marker
Once the queue is ready... I will announce:
and we will start the march towards 『[Central Thanalan: Dispatch Yard]』!

This will be the route that we will be taking. Feel free to let loose some fireworks to make it more
Please do not mount yet even if we've reached the outdoor fields.

Once we've reached 『[Central Thanalan: Dispatch Yard]』 we will be taking a 5 minutes break and group photo! Use any emotes you like~ Also, it would be a good idea to go for toilet break and ready some snacks and drinks.

Once we're ready to move again, those with the Rolling Tankard can get on their mount.

Those with the Rolling Tankard will be asked to make a line on the train tracks with me leading at the front. It might take some time for everyone to queue up so please cooperate.

We will be advancing on the tracks towards the middle of [Southern Thanalan: Sagolii Desert].
Once again I will [shout]:
※For those without the [Rolling Tankard] Mount, please march on the left and right of the tanks while
holding your weapon.
※Please do not ride any other mounts. Please cooperate.

※All the fates that happen on the way, everyone will participate to complete it.
※Sprint to the fate if it happens in the middle of the parade if possible so that we can clear it asap.

●22:00~ Arriving『Southern Thanalan: Sagolii Desert』

We will be taking around 10 minutes for a group photo. Here, we would like the tanks to make two lines side by side and behind.

Like the image above, the tanks will line up at A and B, facing each other.
I'll give the signal so everyone can release their beams together at the same time! ☆彡☆彡☆彡
Schedule wise, this is all, but we may also be making a [Rolling Tankard Tower] if possible. Do cooperate with us~

🍑Staff Costume🍑
Organizer:Momoka Rin’s costume

The other staffs will be wearing this

The photographer will be wearing this

This staff will be running around taking pictures so please do not follow them around (they will not be leading the walk lol)

※During the event, all the staffs will have an [RP] sign beside their names. For those who are participating, please refrain from dressing similarly to the staff members. Your cooperation is much appreciated. ⭐

That’s all the information about this event!
You don’t have to force yourself to stay until the end of the event and can come and leave at any point of time while it’s still ongoing~
Feel free to join us \o/

This is an event after the long awaited patch! If you have time, please join us! ☆彡☆彡☆彡

Do try to get the Rolling Tankard for this event if possible~

ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)v^ー゚)v ヘ(゚ー゚ヘ)ノ゚∇^)ノ

↑Information will be updated here as needed. Do check it out!

Copyright (C) 2010 - 2020 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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atta boy

S'devlynn Chryx

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Ayyyy Lux, are you joining it this time? 8D

Momoka Rin

Tonberry (Elemental)


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Matcha Frappe

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