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Light Party!

Had a heck of a day the other day! I was busy minding my own business at the Diadem collecting garbage for the Firmament when I took a look at the Skybuilders Board; a Builder's FATE was just about to start in 30 minutes! I had no idea what was going on, but before I had any time to react, Onyx called me from across the room. They'd found Odin in the Shroud!

I hurried over and we decided to give Odin (in the guise of one Yung Oldman) a poke to see what happened and we both wiped essentially instantly, before we even knew what happened. I quickly checked my friends list and invited Rose Ashford, whom I had met through Jan and we thought we'd give it another try, but a huge crowd was starting to form in front of Odin. We waited for a bit and maybe about ten or fifteen people showed up to try to take Odin down. It was a huge and grueling battle, but finally we took him down. It was a lot of fun! I have some Odin Mantles now and I should probably go take a look at what those are for.

Rose and I rushed back to the Firmament just in time to catch the builder's FATE! There were SO MANY PEOPLE, more people than I think I had ever seen in the game. It was WILD and fun and I made 500 scripts out of it. I actually set my alarm for the the second shift next morning at 6:45am, but my dumb ass slept in. I'm glad my friend Blueberii was about to catch it because they wake up way too goddamn early.

When THAT was done, I got Onyx, Rose, and another person I met through Jan, Zane Tribal, together to do a few roulettes! It was so much fun, my first time being really social in the game and I can see why Jan loves does this now. I can't wait for more friend adventures in Eorzea!

Side note, as I'm writing this, I'm at work with a hidden XIV window, updating Blueberii about Skybuilders Progress because we wanna get those sweet sweet FATEs. One's just about to pop, so if you're in Leviathan, be ready in about TWENTY MINUTES!!!
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