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The nightmare and memes are over (I hope)

AFTER 92 WIPES (and only 13 enrages).

Get fucked, Sephirot! I’m done with your bullshits!… For the week.
Obviously I’ll have to get to it again next week, but at least I can finally join the serious, [Duty Complete] PFs I couldn’t join so far because, of course, I still didn’t clear because of idiots.

Also of course the first clear happen when I shit up like never in my whole life. Of course.
5 deaths, all at random bullshits such getting dumped down the arena because I greeded half GCD too much, stepping in the bubble with the toe while having magic vulnerability up, dying to aggro’d Binah and such. What a fucking shame. Never I died so much before, not even in progs or in the unlucky cases I got this shit in Mentor Roulettes.
Fortunately the retell has been good instead and I grabbed my deserved parse, I suppose.

I only feel sorry for the NIN that died twice.. and if the RDM wouldn’t have died, I wonder how higher could it’ve been.
Sure, I would’ve preferred being on the Binah duty and score 97+ with DRK like I did in one of the various wipes before this one, but whatever. A clear is a clear.

Regardless, the nightmare is over, at least for the week. I was on the verge of a breakdown, honestly, especially today that I scored 15 more wipes in two different hours of the day, getting multiflavored memes such as people not taking towers, illiterate players that confuse the strategies even when not only the Party Finder description told them, but I also re-explained everything twice before pulling, baits all around the arena and damage downs everywhere, random deaths to tethers not catched and more… I was so fucking done with that bullshit. But I wanted to try one more time in the late evening, and… Well, it finally worked.

It would be hypocritical from me saying “never lose hope”, so I’ll rather say “stubborness pays back, sometimes”.
The only thing I’m glad of is that I’m flexible: switching between each role always helped me fitting in any groups without problem. Sure, having other 7 competent players is another story, though… Good luck on that.

This said, now the next challenge will be re-clearing P5S tomorrow, and hopefully prog P6S a bit (although I doubt it, since Xevad never touched it yet, and we aren’t perfect ourselves in the first half yet, either, so we’re probably getting at Exocleaver + Exchange of Agonies, if lucky, but not further, I daresay). If anything, we now are a full team and should finally be staying like that for the rest of the tier, meaning the progression should go faster, now. Maybe we’re getting the kill on monday…? I highly doubt so, but one can dream.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Congrats on doing it.

Honestly, I don't bother trying to do weekly clears on Sephirot. It is just too hard a fight and WAY to easy to mess it up. I don't need that stress every week, I am just satisfied with clearing it and will wait for the next one, which will probably be easier.

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

I can agree. The fight is really frantic. I was an idiot not tapping Ultima UR back in 6.1, but my will to play back then was really under the bridge.

I wonder what will be the next UR as well. Since they released an HW one, they may be ignoring the ARR ones and go on with the others, so… Nidhogg, maybe? That’s gonna be HELL.
The only easier fights I can think of are Zurvan (which is really easy) and Bismarck (a joke just like Ultima). The others, gods forbid.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Yeah, UW was Faux gravy, sooooo easy to max out those things! LOL We really got spoiled with that one.

It's hard to say what the next one will be. Space Whale is WAY too easy to be an Unreal. Niddy would be worse then Seph at 90! Thordan would be Hell on Earth since he is the hardest Ex of all of the EX's in the game.

I am honestly hoping for Sophia, I like her fight. Once you know the way the tilts work, it's not a stressful fight.
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