Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark (Light)

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Midlander / ♀


25th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon


Nymeia, the Spinner


Limsa Lominsa

Grand Company

Maelstrom / Second Storm Lieutenant



Offensive Properties

Critical Hit Rate480
Direct Hit Rate550

Defensive Properties

Magic Defense571

Physical Properties

Attack Power101
Skill Speed351

Mental Properties

Attack Magic Potency625
Healing Magic Potency163
Spell Speed477




  • 70
  • 71
  • 70
  • 70
  • 43
  • 42
  • 62
  • 70
  • 70
  • 70
  • 70
  • 70
  • 70
  • 70
  • 58
  • 42
  • 70
  • 60
  • 70
  • 75
  • 75
  • 72
  • 70
  • 70
  • 70
  • 71
  • 76
  • 75
  • 71
  • HP

  • MP


Character Profile

The girl approaches the boy standing on the verge of the precipice, leaning on a tree, watching in the distance at the sunset.
She smiles, stopping beside him: «You never change, do you, Nol?» they gaze the distant mountains, colored in red and black as the sun slowly drowns behind them. The two stay silent for a while, looking at the breathtaking panorama, until the boy breaks the silence: «After all these years... I just can’t get my head over it.»
Enesha turns her head to him, slightly confused: «What do you mean?»
«Perhaps... You already know it all.» the boy closes his eyes and lowers his head, lost in thoughts, before speaking again: «It’s always been my fault... I’ve always been the defective one all along.»
The girl slowly shakes her head, smiling: «We already talked about that, Nol... You don’t have to feel like it at all.»
«But I do.» he raises his head once again, seriously staring at the horizon: «... And nothing will ever change my mind.»
«Noloic.» Enesha turns to him, looking him in the eyes: «All the pain you felt during your journeys... Everything you’ve seen, everything you went through, everything you still feel for us and for everyone in our world...» she closes her eyes and lowers the head staying silent for a moment before smiling yet again, looking at Noloic: «Don’t waste those feels. You’ve grown up to be a caring and faithful friend... And we couldn’t ask for more.» «Enesha...» «I know what you’re thinking... And I also know what you wanted to do to yourself. But...» she gestures him to crouch and he does, a little confused; she then gets behind him and wraps her arms over his neck, smiling, closing her eyes in a warm hug: «... we love you for what you are. Not for what you wanted to be. We always will, silly.»
The boy blushes, sadly, while aimlessly staring at the ground, enjoying the hug before closing his eyes yet again, barely avoiding to shed tears; after some moments, he opens them and talks: «... Thank you, Ene. I... Shall remember these words. And... I...»
Enesha smiles, opening her eyes, while poking her friend: «Oh? Are you getting emotional again?»
«What? No way!» he says, falsely annoyed, before standing up again, grabbing Enesha’s legs.
«Oooii! What’re you doin’?! You’re way taller now, remember?!» the girl gently slaps his head, laughing «Oh, really? I didn’t notice.» the two laughs for a while, before the girl speaks again: «You will never directly tell us, but I know you love us as well. That’s what you wanted to say, right?» the boy blushes, looking away: «M-maybe.» Enesha caresses her friend’s hair, smiling: «So, how about we get back to Ul’Dah now? Mit’s waiting and he’s probably starving!»
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