Kaminto Komouri

Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Life as a new Tank.

Left: Starblades Schizunoi (Gilgamesh)
Right: Gagachi Gachi (Balmung)
Huge thanks to Gagachi for getting me through my first frustrating dungeon run as a tank, players can be cold and unfeeling and are the main reason most people quit mmo's, negativity towards me can linger for a long time and it will affect my play style, this is why I'm most comfortable with white mage, focusing on keeping players alive is easier than keeping hate off of them (for me) I still plan on learning the ins and outs of tanking but even saying I'm new or having that little leaf over my head just causes veterans to not care even more and cause problems by aggroing mobs which I'm guessing is their roundabout way of saying "get good", i just play as dps and let them tank in that instance.
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Vyce D'sade

Balmung (Crystal)

I'm the opposite, I find it easier to hold hate then to heal. I know what you mean though, I can do the big pulls but as soon as I see first time bonus or someone's a returning player. I tone it down so that it's manageable. Tanks really do set the pace and I just leave mentor crown on so that people slow down and can't bitch. If they do, they can leave.

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

You can be my tank any day.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Kami don't get discouraged! I too when first starting tanking have had dps/ healers run way ahead of me and tell me they are "helping speed things up". Although it sucks dealing with rude people sometimes, honestly we will next to never meet them in RL or in instance again! Keep that in mind and just do the best you can ^_^
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