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Choosing A Grand Company???

Oh nooo! Everyone wants me to come fight alongside them after my unexpected victory against Ifrit! I never saw myself as being a Company Gal, but when I was asked to join up in the face of the Garlean threat, I'm having trouble saying no again. This time it's not just because of what I talked about in my last post, where I have trouble saying no, but I really believe it's important for everyone to defend our homes from fascist incursions like those we are facing. They will rip our peace asunder if we don't do something!

At first I thought that I would just sign up for the defenders of my new home in Gridania. It just made sense! We are peaceful and will only act in self-defense. We are a soft people

But then I was asked to listen to the remembrance speeches of each of the leaders, and now I'm not so sure!

Yes, The Twin Adder of Gridania are exactly what I thought, and they immediately felt right, but the Immortal Flame of Ul'dah are right! We must *act* in the face of the threat we face! And the Maelstrom truly understand the cost of violence, drenching their banner in the crimson of their fallen!

Plus, and this is embarrassing, I think I maybe...kinda...have a little itsy bitsy crush on Merlwyb? That's definitely a consideration.

This is such a tough choice! I'm expected back at headquarters (ssh, top secret) to make my decision soon. I have a lot of thinking to do!

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