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Twintania (Light)

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Reeto!! how Dooo everyone!! Are you a person who enjoys this game but only have a certain amount of gaming time due to your work or priorities with family/being parents. Or maybe you would like to join an FC to help you progress but don't want to make any big commitments and have not have to worry about being there all the time. If so then i invite you to come and join my FC "Lunar Cry".My fc is based in Twintania(Light Servor)and it is suited for the more casual players. I have no big goals other than to meet new people and become friends and to enjoy the game and have some awesome laughs with you. We have an FC house and another house next door to it.The FC was randomly given to me when the previous master had to go due to personal reasons, so it has been me,my wife and a friend keeping the fc going. I decided in the end to start recruiting to help those like myself who have only the time to play which is mainly in evening and rarly during the day.If you would like to join and to get to know us more than please send me a message in game via a delivery moogle, my character in game is Starr Strife. You can also contact me via Discord if you have it, send me a friend request to Starr-Strife#1536 and i will try and get in touch with you as and when i am able.Thank you if you have had the time to read this and i hope i did not bore the pants out of any of you LOL and i look forward to hear from you, so until then where ever you are in the world take care and look after yourselves!! ^_^
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