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Lonely Gamer

Hiya Guyz. Thanks for views and replies. HI! to all.

I'm off work today so its back into the FF world. I'm level 12 and a bit (reminds me of school)...and learning all about best use of my Magic....All over again. Been a member since 2014....I didnt realise ..just how long..until I reactivated my account.

Funny thing for this nearly noon morning in UK. Killed a massive Stone Golem and found one of those...( SAFE IF YOU STAND THERE ). Areas near a crumbled Tomb type thing. Grinning Cheshire cat like as Mysterious voice booms " You STRONG well havva summa this " like pal. BLIZZARD Level 1 is for some Antling reason stronger than Blizzard level 2. Average 23 damage level 1.....12 level 2.

Anyway!...I got an angry fleas amount of damage. Rolled a panatella and sat on a rock. Da da da da da da da daaaarrr. So I'm ard as nails. I shout to Patricia my gaming also wife...."BOOM! Love Battered it and did nowt". Thats Lancashire for nothing.

Rambling again... I like rambling...Lake district.

Clicking off for now and heres my BLOG PHRASE!!

Level up & Love it all.

Cheerz campers & stampers...back later.

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