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Kingdom Hearts: Wardens #1

I sat down upon a bench within the middle of a small town square, awaiting my master whom had wondered off. The white robe with hood hide myself from the townsfolk whom seemed vaguely interested in me. My suspicion was upon my attire, though it could have been my freckles and red hair. None the less standing out often despite not meaning too. Holding a book to my face, I read to myself while the people continued to walk past me.

It was a nice sunny day,with a cool air breeze. The warmth of the sun kept me comfortable as I crossed my legs. Shaking my head as I figured Master Fal was likely busy doing something he was not suppose to do. The Grand Masters often warned me of his common interruption to the proper order of things. Keyblade wielders are not to interfere with other worlds.

Yet something about such a rule never sat well with even myself. We have the power to fix things, and yet, we are only allowed to act in times deemed "needed". Finally I noticed Master Fal approaching. Master Fal, much like many other Keyblade wielders, is a Nekoman, cat like people with human features. His hair was blonde along with his tail and ears upon his head, with glowing blue eyes.

Judging by the fact that he had no dust upon his clothing, I could assume he had not been in a fight recently. Standing up, I walked toward him as he stopped beside me.

"The dark wielder here. Now we just have to wait for them to make there move." He said, with the sound of disappointment in his voice. Glancing at my eyes, he could tell I was not to happy with that answer either.

"Look, just because they are here, doesn't mean we can just waltz in and take 'em on." He said, grinning as he noticed my eyebrows raise confused at his words. Considering whom they came from, he knew how funny it sounded.

"Don't give me that look. You're the reason I have to be a good dog on a leash right now. Gotta make sure you're not "influenced" by my "bad" behaviour." I shook my head at him, heading back to the bench I was sitting at until I heard the sounds of people running toward us.

"You there! White Mage!"

I raised my eyebrows as I noticed they were running to me and stopped before me. They seemed young from the look of them. I noticed how winded they seemed, they must have run far to get here. Master Fal walked beside them with his hands in his pockets.

"Uhhh, hey kids, she's not a "white mage" He said as as he tried to wave them away.

"But she's wearing a white mage robe! They don't just hand those out to anyone." I looked to my robe in curiosity. It was a standard white robe for our order with red lace around my chest and some red I stitched upon the bottom to let it stand out more. Before Master Fal said anything further I nodded to him. Allowing him to let me to handle the situation. Keeling down beside them I looked to notice there features, they had elf ears.

“May I help you?” I asked softly to the boys in distress.

“We were our in the forest when some..... Things attacked our friends! Please you have to go help them! They were injured before they could get away! Please help them!”

“Please help!” The other pleaded as well as I glanced to Master Fal.

“Your call green leaf.” He said, shrugging a bit. I nodded to the boys and stood up smiling. Quickly they began to run in the direction they wished us to go. As we made our way outside the town, we noticed the two elvan boys running in the forest through an unmarked path. Following closely, it was a mere few moments before we came across them kneeling down beside there severely injured friends.

Quickly I knelt beside them and held my hand out, summoning my Keyblade, Autumns Rest into it. Placing my other hand upon the ground, I let my magic flow to there bodies, healing there wounds and one of a poison which seemed to be inflicted by the creatures which attacked. They remained unconscious but, within a few seconds, there bodies were at least healed enough to make it home.

“Oh dear. You think you’ve the right to take my desired quarry?” And unknown voice spoke from ya within the shadows of the forest. Several dark creatures poured from the dark as if a flowing river. All of them shaped as if wolves with glowing yellow eyes. Master Fal quickly summoned his Keyblade to his side, a longer blade which required two hands to wield often.

Tossing his blade, he cut through a first wave of them without issue as it made it back to his hand. The person from the shadows began to laugh as he slowly walked out from behind the shadows while Fal turned his back. In his hand, a Keyblade which resembled a scythe as he went to swing toward Fal. With a quick thought passing in my mind, I tapped my blade to the ground and caused a burst of light to blind the field. Destroying several dark creatures in one blow while distracting the person in a dark cloak.

Vines began to surround the persons arms and legs keeping them from moving. However, there lack of movement made me realize they were not worried.

“A good observation. How proud I am that your new apprentice might actually have some sort of competence.”

Fal looked the person whom sounded a lot like a man now.

“You’ll not be getting the best of her. I’ll not lose another to you.” Fal stated with clear hatred in his words.

“I wonder, are you aware her of her keyblades origin? I am... and so is she. Though perhaps she has forgotten, why else would she be following you around like a lost puppy?”

“Grim, it’s time to put you down for good.” Fal stated grasping his blade and slashing at the man whom merely backed up slightly.

“You know you can not end me Fal. And I know it’s too much fun keeping you alive. So our meeting is rather pointless at this moment isn’t it?”

I stood up holding my blade out and Quicky blasting a beam of light at the man whom was pushed back to a tree as the vines tightened.

“I must admit she is quite fun. She probably won’t reach her full potential in the care of your lot however.”

“Who’s heart are you after Grim?” Fal asked, baring his sharp fangs at the hooded figure.

“Right, this is the point I tell you my entire plan. Good running joke dearest Fal.” He stated with a laugh as his keyblade began to glow red and his body soon followed. In an instant he reverted to a shadowy form and let the vines fall dead from the dark magic that flowed into them.

“But, I suppose I am in a rather giving mood. This is your lucky day my old friend. The person I have been tasked to gather is known as a warrior of light. One of strong will and heart willing to do what must be done for the betterment of there people. So... I sought to use some of the locals.”

He pointed toward the young ones whom were still beside there friends still resting.

“Well that’s not happening today.” Fal stated as he held his blade out and quickly released a beam that created a keyhole.”

“Go home, or fight us. Your choice.”

“Hmmm... I suppose I can let you have this one. I have some useful information now. All thanks to your arrival I might add. But, know this, so long as the door is unlocked, this world will be destined to fall to darkness. Do what you can to stop it, I’m counting on you. Hehehe”

He walked through the portal opened as it shut quickly behind him. Noticing my look of confusion, Fal clarified his thoughts upon the matter.

“Grim is... not exactly an agent of darkness. But he’s definitely not on our side. No one in our order has the ability to destroy him completely. And I tried the hardest. It took him this long to finally return... which likely means he required some assistance.”

He thought upon the matter for a moment before letting his Keyblade disappear.

“Let’s get these kids home.”

We helped them all back to the town where the others would remain resting for the moment. A man in a strange blue armor approached us. The horms upon his helmet protruded outward as if a behemoth.

“What happened here? Can we be of assistance?”

He glanced to his three followers whom smiled to us, giving us a wave.

“No I think we have it under control. But if you wish to make sure the area is clear, you may have at it.” Fal stated, crossing his arms as the man slowly walked past us, placing a hand upon Fals shoulder with approval.

“Good man, we will work quick, thank you.” I kept my eyes upon him and his followers before I finally spoke to Fal.

“That’s them, the warriors of light. I can see it in there auras.” Fal looked to me with his ears twitching a bit.

“Auras aye? Strange thought. Alright, we’ll return later. For now we need to report our findings.”

Nodding, I bowed to the young ones before Fal and I began to make our way out of the town.

“Thank you miss white mage!” They said with happiness as I blushed a bit and waved goodbye. We walked into the forest where Master Fal opened a portal for us.

"Back to the safety of home I guess. Hope you enjoyed your first time out.” I nodded as I followed him through the portal which sealed behind us.
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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great start Esper <3

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Awe, thank you loves! This one means the world to me and I’m kind of building it from scratch. I hope it all comes out well yus yus

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

good start espy!
cant wait to see where you go from here!
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