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The Beginning!

Hi! I'm Selene (cel-en-ay), Nice to meet you!

I've heard of a lot of people using this as a way to vent frustration when farming or running something like POTD all 100 floors. I thought that was a great idea and liked the thought of having a space that is dedicated for just my FF thoughts so here it is!

Welcome - if anyone else is reading lol. I'm currently on the last part of book 3/6 for my first zodiac weapon. I plan on getting the WHM weapon all the way to zeta and partially complete the weapon for DRG and BLM at some point as well. I decided to come back to this since I've had a bunch of free time lately. I got my groove back and was over my small patch of time where I get burnout from the game. So far, the books have been going well! a bit repetitive and it feels like each book sometimes has the same enemies to target as the last, but otherwise its a lot better than I initially thought. I am having some help with guides and whatnot, so I am sure that it is making the experience 1000 times better, but its still fun all the same.

I remember when I first attempted the zodiac weapon - it was as PLD. I just don't think I liked the class enough to stay dedicated, ya know? The books really also had me effed up at that time. There was no way. We started them and got a ways in but I still had the story and more side stuff to finish at that time.

All in all - i just wanted to start this because I thought it would be fun and I am really enjoying it so far. Stay tuned for more posts!
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