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The Void

I've failed to write for a while, a lot of stuff going, including the entire trip into the void. To try to sum it up- we landed in a castle dungeon, one Vrtra had mentioned before, and managed to defeat the voidsent that was in charge of the domain... and after trying to talk to the voidsent servants, we learned of a new voidsent that was also in the dungeons. This voidsent turned out to be none other than Zenos' avatar, and my crystal of leftover light managed to purify her- returning her to a human form (but she was still a voidsent due to unique reasons).

Voidsent purely work on contracts with aether- their money, essentially. Zero, as we named her since she doesn't really have a name or care, decided in following us around to be of help with her unique power that kills voidsent- because apparently in the Thirteenth, no one can truly die? Well, there's a few ways to, such as being crystallized (which Zero can do) and I think there was another... I don't remember it.

Zero helped us defeat a powerful voidsent and supplied us with information about how the Thirteenth worked. We did also learn that Vrtra's sister was being held hostage, but we weren't sure exactly of her condition... There was still a lot to learn. Like, did you know that while voidsent can consume others, those others become part of them? Zero despises consuming others for that reason- it's easy to lose yourself that way.

She also showed us her humble domain, filled with the rejects and runaways of the world. She didn't recognize the statue in her own place... it was new I guess? Maybe one of the other voidsent put it up. Kinda reminds me of Haurchefant though...

A Garuda-reminiscent voidsent showed up to fight, but we defeated her swiftly in her own domain, and she had no memories that the echo would show me in her crystal. The fight wore out Zero, so we took her to our world to regain her strength. She's taken a liking to apples. I showed her around the place, and now we await for when we can return back to the void...

In the meantime! I've been filling my adventurer's journal with a ton of odd jobs and quests, I've thought about posting some photos from those, but I can add those another time! I've also been obsessed with the adventurer's guild's achievement system- and I've been racking up a ton of points with that! I think getting a 100% on all the currently available ones would be amazing (but probably impossible for me)- I'm currently at 43% done though! I really should consider fishing... but I've barely touched the rod outside of the occasional ocean fishing boat I catch. My inventory is also not ready for that...

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