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How I gear up when I am impatient!


         Hello Everyone!
    Welcome to my half-arsed "guide" i.e. my lazy way of going by these days.

Since we have received many and great new players, and some even as new as a week old, has been curious about progressing at level 70 to gear up. Beforehand, I'd like to start from the beginning all the way down towards (current) end-game content Please understand that this is how I progressed and currently still apply on personal game-play and does not mean that this is the only way to go by. There is no right or wrong; it is up to individuals what they are most comfortable with and for themselves to work the best. I am not even sure into what category my own progression would seem most fit; I, however, can guess by my own omission that my “end-game” strategy is most definitely borderlines the lazy-stratagem.
I am not going fully in depth with it as there are so many guides out there to help if there is something you do not know. I would not do a better job than the majority guides out there. This is simply my strat.


How do I make money? (Try this when you're fresh)
⛏ Land + Hand disciples! Level them up! They are the CORE income and economy of this game.
| ̄Dungeon drop low-level desynthesis! (sell/use items)
|- Or sell them to an NPC! (Doman enclave sells for more than regular NPC!)
|- Levequests / Levemetes! Do them!
|- Send your retainers on ventures! Sell items in their slots!
|_There are plenty of guides on each section. Patience=must!


(Note: This is the strategy that I use. I did anything/grind everything I could to get enough to make this happen! So make sure that before you do this, to save up at least a mil! (This is only for JP DC, not NA/EU as it doesn't work for you guys, sorry!)
How do I get ilvl 380 for my job when I don't have money?!
| ̄Look at the market board and decide what item is the cheapest that you could afford.
  Buy this in a chunk of 4-5 doubles. (No need to be of your own current class,
  and make sure the items are HQ!!!)
|- Go to Rhalgr's Reach and teleport to the Western Aetheryte. Go to(9.6, 11.6)
|- Use your Rakshasa HQ gear/acc/weapon you got and turn them into Rakshasa Tokens.
|- Go to the NPC Enna[Tomestone Exchange Mendacity] (13.8, 11.5)
|- Grab as much Doman Reiyaku as you can.
|- Go back to the Western part to start gearing yourself up! “Use your Rakshasa tokens”
|- Decide which you wish to prioritize. Make sure you see how much Doman Reiyaku is needed.
|- I recommend to do the math and decide which is the most affordable and effective.
|_ Not only do you have ilvl 390, you basically have made little to no loss with this. You may always have leftover Tokens and Doman Reiyaku, but this could be always saved for your next class. That is why it is never a lose-lose situation. The only lose-lose situation there is, according to the mentality of NA/EU players, which they have the right of it if it is so important to you, is that you cannot over meld Yama ilvl 390 gear. However, I do not agree on this to be too important, and the very reason for this is that I, and many others, consider crafter gear temporary. Because it is very hard to process through savage/end-game content in the EU/NA, I can see why they find it more important and I fully support them on that. (This is fully my own opinion and I had nice discussions on it when I visited EU DC, while my mindset and progression differs, and after having experienced what I did, I would probably do the same)

 For those from EU/NA curious as to why this isn't working for you guys (right now):
 The economy of selling items in EU/NA is much more expensive than JP DC.
 While we find 150k expensive for a weapon, it's a cheapskate for you guys.
 Not to mention that some costs here around 50k-90k for accessories, depending on the class.
 But because it is dependable, this guide works for those who cannot afford their specific job items.

  ※Last but not least: You could also spend 1 month doing nothing but Eureka
  and have the best gear in the entire FFXIV if you are able to get full sets and
  fully filled with stats... but... I don't think the new people got a chance for
  this. If you're level 70 or soon-to-be, once you're level 70, I'd say go for that
  for grinding which you can make money off in meanwhile, and be able to go through my
  guide whilst working on your shiny amazing weapon! Ilvl405.
  Good luck!(^^)/
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