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Duocycle Journeys 2: The Old Ul'Dah Beheld Afar


New perspectives from far and bellow.

This will be my last post for today.

For so long have I frequented the insided of Ul'dah's walls, this view reminded me of how big it really is.

With Aetherite travel, I have barely traveled through the gates of Ul'dah and when I did, I was so busy, I never got to look up and see the view.

When I arrived here via airship a long time ago, it never occured to me how utterly massive the Palace was, let alone the City. Add to that the elevators inside, I never got to walk around much...

Ul'dah, a city of commerce... makes you think how much it costed to make this city as it is now...

How much coin and blood was used.
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