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[E4S] The PROGTICE Party!

The Journey into Savage 17
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

When I looked at the calendar last week, I felt a chill: it has been over a month since I started learning Titan Savage, and I have seen Orogenesis, the start of the final phase, less than a dozen times.

Many parties, even ones for phase 3 learning, were unable to make it there successfully. Confusion over the mechanics was common, and careless mistakes that ended in wipes were everywhere. Indeed, players joke that every party is phase 1 progression. Someone even coined a funny name for this kind of party: Progtice party! (progression + practice)

I want to say that I performed well, but I was not perfect. I am reluctant to blame my lack of progress on the party, because we are often not objective about our own performance. I can only keep trying... However, this week, a number of good things happened to me.

First, I spoke with experienced tanks and healers on Reddit, and they advised me on potential trouble spots in Phase 3. One tank was very kind, and shared with me his/her static's cooldown plan, which was very helpful.

In particular, I was warned to invuln during the last Dual Earthen Fists, because Titan continues doing autoattacks, and the healers are under heavy strain from movement and mechanics.

"Not invulning this is griefing the healers," I was told.

Secondly, I spoke with a newbie PLD on reddit who was starting out raiding for the first time, encouraged him a little, and linked him xivanalysis so he could improve. Yesterday, he sent me a message saying that he started raiding on the 14th, and was able to clear E2S on Monday! He had proven his own strength and deserves all the credit, though it's nice to think maybe I helped just a little bit!

Lastly, today I met a familiar face in the learning party: it was my GNB co-tank from the E1S clear party that I helped out on week 1.

I don't know if he remembered me (maybe I should have said something). But he had improved vastly in skill and confidence since then, and to meet a familiar face from so long ago and see how much they have improved gave me confidence that I, too, can conquer this battle.

This party was very capable, and we reliably cleared phase 2. I was able to master the 1st merry-go-round at long last. I believe we could have made it further, but some of the party were exhausted, so we disbanded. I hope I meet them again!

I decided that once I have learned how to do the 2nd merry-go-round, I will join clear parties, because there are no more new mechanics after that. Just one more mechanic to learn, and I will shoot for the clear. Am I being reckless? Well, if you think so, feel free to tell me. Lol!

Don't get bitter, just get better! Let's clear together next time!
Comments (4)

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Woooot!!!! Bro’hi5<—!! Yeeeboi!!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Felsea!! Thanks my man! :O I hope you have been doing well, lol.

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

This is true. Well I am boing ^^. Taking e4 a bit more seriously. ;)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

FELSEA I cleared! Lol. Keep at it! I am sure you and your static can do it too!
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