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Sylva's Fish Adoption Agency O<

... Okay. So I recently got wayyyy too into fishing.

At first, I thought I'd just try it out. I enjoyed fishing well enough in other games, and I figured it was a good way to relax between hectic main quests.

But oh my god , fishing is unexpectedly entertaining.

It shouldn't have been too much of a surprise really, seeing as my in-game hobbies include exploring and naming cute things. (Because all living things deserve a name!!)

Fishing happens to encompass both. You roam around, discovering new fishing holes as you reel in the fishies. Fishing isn't too mechanically difficult or boring (*cough, Harvest Moon, cough* ), and also there's the added bonus that you can keep some of the fish in aquariums.

I, of course, took this to a ridiculously unnecessary level and maxed out the house in aquariums. My mentor and roommate, Meme, is absolutely going to kill me when she logs on and sees the ginormous carp I put in the bathroom. (My FC members checked it out for me, and yes, she's definitely going to notice.)

Quick fish tour!

This is Midori. (Because she's not green. Funny right?)

This is Yuko. She has a cousin named Yu, who currently lives in Daru-niisan's house.

This is Bubbles~~~

And the giant carp that Meme will definitely notice, Tanaka.

Another thing I didn't account for when I took up fishing, is that I suddenly found myself with a very significant surplus of fish.

Like, 2 full inventory pages worth of fish.

I started sending fish to friends in the mail, hoping to find my scaley pets loving homes. (I specifically asked that if they do happen to cook/eat my fishy presents, that they just lie about it and tell me they're still living comfortably.)

I had fish coming out of my ears. I was handing them out to people I met on the streets, hoping that if I also disclosed the fishes' names, they would be less likely to get consumed.

It was getting to be a problem. I was running out of cute fish-y names.

So, I decided to open a Fish Adoption Agency!

(If you're in the market for some 10/10 fish, I'm selling just about everything. My retainers' names are Lunarin and Solarin, and they are my loyal cat-bois.)

So, seeing as Big Sister Meme's patience will sooner or later wear thin, (because yes, it's that bad ), my new end goal is to open my very own Public Aquarium!!

It'll open in Mist as soon as I save up enough gil, (like Sea World, but free and less evil.), so please be sure to drop in for some fishy-good times!!!

Comments (2)

Daruma Luciana

Zalera (Crystal)

Your entries are so much fun~

Orang U'tan

Zodiark (Light)

Unfortunately I'm too far away to ever come over, I like ^^
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