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I Love Decorating #8 - The House of Aswertea

Greetings to all homeowners, would-be homeowners & those just interested in housing or decorating, especially in FFXIV! After a hiatus, I am back to continue my presentation of homes I have found inspiring in ffxiv.

[I have had to remove the screenshots from my older blogs, as the number of ss I can load for the series is limited, & I reached that limit with blog #7. I have not pulled the blogs themselves, however, as they still provide ideas & inspiration for new (or tired) house owners in keeping their house their very own, reflecting their adventures in Eorzea & their their own personalities in this wonderful game world. I highly recommend you waste no time reviewing the latest blogs I've posted, as pictures from 3 blogs ago will disappear, at least until the home may again be featured.]

The next several blogs will be featuring individual homes, then FC estates. I plan to introduce these homes by size, starting with cottages, then mid-size homes, then the estates, first private, then finally the FCs (no matter which size house they occupy ;).

Today's house is Aswertea's cottage in The Goblet on Diabolos. Hers is a Moogle cottage situated in a corner of the residential district, but can be visited by those willing to trek around its walls - lol. Here's the cottage, then the views from its site:

Her yard is well-planned, with its spaces all easily reachable. She has a treehouse in the side yard, garden plot & various decorations that provide interesting night lighting (also useful during heavy rains ,as you an see - lol). Two of the 'view' images above were taken from the treehouse platform:

Inside, as are all cottages, the space is cozy, with a main floor and a larger downstairs area. However, Aswertea gained extra space - by adding a loft to her main floor. Here are the views of the main floor, first of which are those taken from just inside the front door, then a view of the entry doors & their wall:

The loft area is cleverly used, housing many of the models and toys Aswertea has collected in her adventures. She assures me that she has room for plenty more - lol:

Moving downstairs, I found her work, dining & sleep spaces. Her crafting cupboards are along the wall extending from the bottom of the stairs. She has a feast prepared for visitors, which will make you hungry just looking it over. And there's a working desk tucked into one corner, almost hidden by the stacked books.

We next visit the rear spaces of the lower floor. The bedroom is in the back left corner, the music/salon area to the right, both behind the dividing wall, so as to provide some privacy.

Throughout this house, I found the color palette used to be well coordinated with a feeling of calm, quiet & gentle warmth. The country walls fit well with the flooring and rugs. I, myself, use a lot of bright colors, being that type of artist, but I find quiet, neutral palettes with these subtle colors very soothing & enjoyable.

All in all, I really enjoyed my visit to Aswertea's home, finding it quite unique & fun to visit. It's a splendid example of a FFXIV home, and a place to retreat to for rest, relaxation & fun with friends.

I hope some of you will take the time to visit Diabolos & enjoy the details of this cottage, just as I did. I enjoyed sharing it with you, and will return in a few weeks to bring you another interesting home. If you wish to visit Aswertea's home, use the windmill and other "view" ss I presented early in this article (above) to wend your way back to her corner near the outer walls.

As always, if you are interested in having a visit from me to share your own home, please feel free to contact me on Famfrit, via linkshell if that works for you, & send me a Friend Request. Once we are friended, I will be able to visit your home, even if you are not online at the moment.

Tesla (one of my several alts) was our reporter for this article (ss below to the left). She's a member of Aswertea's FC. I present my grateful thanks for the permission granted us to visit all these fine homes, & I will see you again soon (portrait below to the right)

Belinda Forrest
Lvl 70WHM, 65RDM, 64SAM, Crafter/Gatherer 50+

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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

come visit me on faerie!!

both my FC house, and personal house were decorated beautifully by my wife autumn.
maybe see ya on faerie!
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