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Congested worlds suck...

Ive been playing on Famfrit for quite some time now.. I've recently met a group of people that I actually have a lot of fun with. But they play on Mateus on Crystal.. Ive checked numerous times a day on if I could create a new toon there.. Sadly I can not. I can't even PAY to move a character there... I hate congestion =[.
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Tiara Clavaris

Tonberry [Elemental]

Hey fellow famrit player! My original server was famrit too. I think if you want, try to go to preferred server. They are usually free, u get bonus gil & mount. I had my wonderful time in Famrit

Git Clucked

Halicarnassus [Dynamis]

Oh no I absolutely LOVE famfrit! The Returner chat is one of the best I've seen in my opinion. Just wanted to join my buddies who are already well developed on their server haha.
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