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Ishgardian Restoration 2021, Phase 4 Guide

I had this video up for a while already but kind of forgot to post here, sorry.

After all the fishing I did for the video I found myself in the middle of the rankings for my server. I already had the beata title and didn't really want to take that from someone, so I thought it would be more fair to try for the saint title. But I failed, probably because I didn't put in enough work early on.

The ranking period is over, congratulations if you got what you wanted, unless you cheated.

What is cheating though? There is talk of people botting on the forums and social media, however ingame there was more talk about account sharing and hoarding.

Botting and Account sharing are expressly forbidden (thus cheating) but can be hard to prove. "But it is so obvious" is logically fallacious and does not constitute proof. I would assume SE is reluctant to ban people without something more concrete, but I think they should take steps to find out and limit those possibilities.

Hoarding is intentionally holding on to items to turn in on a later date. This makes it's hard for people to compete when they can't really gauge the competition. You can't really call this cheating, but it shouldn't be hard to totally eliminate it. Basically they would just need to award and track skybuilder points based on what is gathered or crafted, rather than what is turned in/approved. These are things that are already tracked. They can then award scrips for turn ins/approvals.

Well this is all moot for the Ishgardian restoration, but I hope they consider it for any future similar content.

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