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You Only Mog What You Give.


What are these disturbances I sense in the aether of the Blue Planet? Are they ominous? Do they herald change? Or are the events in the First primed to reprise themselves before the night truly returns to the home of my dearest? I must keep the faith, and be watchful. And, also continue my fieldcraft. In this, the Old Radikupos were correct in their judgment ballad: You Only Mog What You Give.

It started discreetly. Here I was, in my gathering casual glamour, my Baemerican Set, and I was feeling sleepy from my Diadem shifts. And then, I felt a twinge in my nerves, and a sense of fear and surreal big energy shook my body. I asked myself, what is this? What is this feeling? Has the homeland of my husband Bongaboi shook this firmament with its big American energy?

Doubtless, it did! It did! Oh, it most certainly did! Now, the Western Risensong Quarter was constructed and Bright Ballad's Passage was being readied, but Quill's was the long bridge connecting to it. I decided to sense the disturbance and then I felt it.

I felt it.

I. felt. it.

And I broke down, causing my wings to sprout as a defense mechanism from further damage to my own senses and inhibitions. It was Yoshi-Papa who blessed me with these wings, so that I can receive its succor and relaxing aether, bathing in these wings calmed me down and allowed me to reach out to the disturbances. What were these disturbances?

What were they?

Why did they come here?


A song by Lady Chiaki Ishikawa caused me to break down and cry as I saw the faces of more than 400,000 men and women from all walks of life pass by me. Some were hugging each other. Others were waving. Others were cheering. But all were smiling.

And as I saw Emet-Selch's face amidst the fallen, who were waving at me from afar, these ghosts who fell victim to the viral primal Corona, he said, softly. "Remember. Remember us. Remember we once lived..."

And then I realized the true reason why I have these Angel Wings. This was your intention, wasn't it father? To honor the fallen who could not share in the happy memories of my adventures by living for them? That was it. The memories and legacy of those whose threads of fate were cut too soon...they were in my blood, in my flesh and bones.

And as I looked to the heavens and rose up, with the rising sun piercing the Ishgardian skies, I saw a vision of an old man and a not-so-old woman, waving with their masks on, the man himself offering a big thumbs up, and a shaken fist of approval, the two of them nodding at me. And their light, their hope, their vision entered my soul and I was filled with energy, music, and a reason to live, and I would not forget I only mog what I give.

Softly, did I whisper, "Take care of my husband's homeland, Lord Joseph and Lady Kamala, and do it with urgency, for I cannot provide for him by myself. You always talked...about building a realm back better. I want to do the same with Ishgard. May the gods watch over you, Exarchs of America. Father, grant me my rest" With no further energy to bear, I retired to my apartment where I collapsed and fell asleep.

And as I slumbered, I let out these words from my tired lips, "Gods bless Eorzea...and America."
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Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

The losses were heavy, that much is plain. But with my country aiming to be its own realm reborn in its fight with Corona, the night sky shall return to America. May our new Exarchs lead my homeland into the dawn's early light, as the old national anthem dictates. Gods bless Eorzea and America. Together, we will win.
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