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Remember That We Once...Snapped


I received a mysterious missive that was hand delivered by a naturalist from the Crystarium on a rare venture to the Tempest. It was in a bottle, and I was able to decipher the message. It was a letter written by my old professor, the one whose two-part examination I passed, the one and only, Emet-Selch.

This is the letter.


My dearest graduate Kahori Harukawa,

So. You finally took the initiative to honor our legacy and our history through an action that I championed, the power to snap your fingers. Allow me to tell you a story, to humor you.

You know that enemy you faced in the Labyrinth of the Ancients called Thanatos? Well, he used to be known as Thanos and was known for defeating his opponents with a snap of his fingers. It came to a point where I had to balance out his far-too-simple ability of destruction and make it my own. So, with a snap of my own fingers, I not only stole his ability to snap permanently, I gave him a new name: Thanatos, and banished him to the Labyrinth, where he would try in vain to claim his revenge on me, try as he might.

Alas, you have bested me at The Dying Gasp and Thanatos shall never be able to claim his revenge. However, by defeating Elidibus at the Seat of Sacrifice, I have decided that you are indeed worthy of remembering your lessons learned of who we were and what our legacy was. And so, I give you my parting gift, the ability to snap your fingers!

Now go! Capture the attention of those you know and do not know! Let them know to remember! Remember us! Remember...that we once SNAPPED!



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Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

And what a letter it was!
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