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Question for those that raid.


Simply, how do you know that you have reached the limit in what you are capable to do?

I know there are many who manage to clear savage content when it comes out, eventually make it all the way through the 12th fight.

But yet, I also know that there are many who.....don't.

There are those that don't go the distance, that end up giving up because some fight just does them in and they never continue.

I have heard tales of statics or individuals giving up on the harder fights, whether it be the 8's, the 11's, 12's whatever. The fight ends up being TOO much for their abilities and they just stop and give up, never clearing.

As you know, I am currently doing O12s. MINE and have been doing it for a while now. Yeah, it is taking FOREVER due to people not being available for various reasons so whole weeks of prog have been lost. make it take even longer.

Anyway, we have now reached phase 2 add phase and Hello World 2 and let me tell you,.....I think I may have reached that limit of my abilities to go any further. I simply keep screwing it up over, and over, and OVER again.

I cannot do adds phase without dying to something, EVERY time I die, it is so.....ANNOYING! I am doing what the others are doing but for some reason I cannot see I am doing something wrong.

But despite that we can still make it to Hello World 2 and.......UGH. It just overwhelms me.

The reason? Rescue.

Depending on what you get, one of the healers has to rescue the tank to keep him from getting effects. So you have to pay attention, rescue the tank at the right time all while trying to heal up the poor DPS's who are getting pounded by the effects THEY have. Oh and you need to worry about your OWN mechanics too for HW2!

Yeah....It is just .....TOO much! Why? Because it all goes at breakneck speed. The whole sequences is like 30 sec of pure HELL! And just ONE mistake from anyone and it is a wipe!

The level of responsibility on the healers is through the roof and it can just really get to you. I don't normally get anxiety in raids or ex's. I usually just take it all in stride and know I will eventually learn the mechanics and get through the fight.

But this fight, I am feeling well, inadequate; like I am just NOT up to the challenge and skill one needs to be to handle all that is thrown at you, and believe me, it is a LOT thrown at you, all which must be handled in a precise way for everyone to live through it.

Maybe in time I will learn it and work it all out so I can do it consistently. I mean I DID get through O8, 9,10, and 11 savage, and those were no walk in the park. So MAYBE it can happen in time?

But that's the thing, can I endure the hellish prog? Can I push through to eventually learn my role well enough to do it correctly over and over again?

Or will I go the way of so many others and just give up on the fight and never clear it? I'm not young, I don't have those 20 something reflexes to handle quick actions easily. Will my age be a setback?

Time will tell, but I am NOT there yet. We just started it, so maybe in time I will get better, we will see.

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Elril Moonweaver

Phoenix [Light]

I am not speaking the perspective of a High-End raider, but I am worried for my FC friends who indulge in Savage content that it feels like a lot for them to handle and it's draining them a lot. Each night they finish a prog they join me for roulettes and join my voice chat and they just spew out diatribes of frustrations and min-maxing strategies that I don't understand. I'm like our friend group's big sis who looks after her younger siblings and just wants them to relax from time to time.

Lil Cairn

Masamune [Mana]

Is Rescue really necessary?
I remember back then when I cleared O12S when it first came out, there was no Rescue ability.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

That's a good question Lil.

It's part of a strat the static decided upon to get the tank to safety quicker so they don't get hit by something after their AOE goes off. I suppose they COULD pop sprint too and it was talked about, but they are relying on rescue.

Back in the stormblood days, I guess they probably relied on sprint to get the north tank to the bottom quickly.

Also, I am not used to using rescue, I never use it. I guess I just need to 'adjust' and get practice doing it.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Ugh, yes Elril, it IS a lot to handle.

Luckily, I only do it twice a week, one day for 3 hours and one day for an hour and a half, so it's not too taxing and time to rest between prog. Even still, I am TOTALLY brain afterwards, and I also have to WORK for 10 hours after the static Sunday.

I know some groups do 3 hours 3 or 4 days a week, sometimes more. Now THAT is ridiculous and I can imagine the burnout felt after so many repeat hours of difficulty.

WHY again did I decide to do this MINE?

Lil Cairn

Masamune [Mana]

Try asking your tank to pop sprint instead.
Or you can make 2 separate Rescue macro for both tanks.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Well I only need to rescue the north tank, which is good at least. LOL

I was watching MTQ's O12s video from 2018 and she mentions using rescue on the north tank so they gain underflow from the healer, it even shows it happening in the video. Though she also says they can use sprint too instead.

Like I said, I guess I just need to practice using rescue and healing too. We actually practice it on HW1 to get used to just automatically doing it when HW2 comes up.

Tiara Clavaris

Tonberry [Elemental]

I cleared Omega 12 Savage before. Just couple times, long time ago. I happen to be lucky I got a very pro static in EU server. Rescue saves my life but honestly rescue is not very important, is just a bonus. If you think you are a very good/pro healer use rescue, but otherwise well, tank can just run and be independent instead of relying on healer for rescue. Pretty much. I don't remember the fight well but I have the spider machine mount.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Really Tiara? Wow, didn't realize you were that hard core. LOL

It's good to hear you say that about rescue being optional. Honestly I don't know why just just don't have the tank sprint and let the healer focus on keeping those poor DPS's alive through all the crap they have to deal with.

Like I said, maybe I will adjust to get it down pat, maybe not. We will see in the next few weeks.
I will say, HW one and two over and over again for hours just burns me out. UGH!
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