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Anna's M.I.N.E.adventures: Birds and Snakes


MINE time again. This time it is more of the four cuddly animal primals, Suzaku and Seiryu.

Suzaku is the obsessed birdy who makes no bones about 'lusting' over you. She is known for 3 things: her pain in the ass phoenix adds which need to be resurrected JUST right or they wipe the party. The whole big ass hole in the middle of the arena and all the FUN push forwards and knockbacks which make it VERY easy to fall off if you are not paying attention. And DDR, yes, DDR.

The first part is not that bad with proper positioning. Just don't let the first AOE hit the birdies and make sure the second one hits only one of them. If it is done right, they die easily. If done wrong, well.......MAYBE you'll kll them in time before you all die. LOL

The DDR phase for the extreme version had a LOT more arrows to position for and they come much faster than normal. Funny thing is though that the damage at the end if you mess up is really NOT that bad, even on MINE level. We never had an issue with this, even when someone only got like 5 out of 10 right.

After DDR you come to the FUN part of the fight, Fall off city. Yes, ol' birdy at times will cast either a melody or a refrain, which will either pull you forward or push you back. If you are in the wrong position you WILL fall off. And it can be VERY easy to forget about the cast if you are too focused on the other mechanics.

After a while the arena changes and you get 4 symbols. You will also see a bird flying across a series of symbols and when it hits on, an explosion happens on it. As you might guess, DON'T be on it. This REALLY hurts on MINE level and two mistakes WILL kill you. Luckily it is all pattern based so once you see the pattern you can position yourself correctly.

Of course in the later ones there are OTHER things going on at the SAME time as this, (cough cough, push/pull anyone?) There is also a forced march mechanic that you need to position properly for so you DON'T fall off the arena. (REALLY fun to do during the explosions.)

There are also a few other things such as towers/stacking/AOE's, but these are easy with any experience in EX stuff.

I would say it took us about 3 hours of prog to finally get the clear. I was not feeling well last week and was REALLY sucky on the DPS and positioning, so I was a bit of a liability. Without my mess ups it might have been a quicker clear.

So next is ol' snakey; Seriyu. He is known for his long ass cut scene in the middle of the fight and dumping a million overlapping mechanics on you at the end of his fight.

The first 2 parts of him are not hard. You just deal with the targeted AOE's by pointing them away from the party and stagger kill the adds in the 2nd phase so they don't wipe the party. Once you are on the island surrounded by the electrified water is when it gets to be a pain in the ass.

First you got the snakes who push you VERY far and into the water if you are not close enough to them when they come. Then you got the big ass water creature swinging left and right. You also have split healer stacks, nasty tank swap tank busters, and the whole tower/aoe thing in this one too, just like ol' birdy. Of course after a while you start getting ALL of these overlapping so you got to watch where you are and what you need to do at the SAME time. Yeah, the 3rd part of this is a total PITA, made even MORE so by being MINE since things hit WAY harder than normal EX.

We got the snake to about 30% I think before we called it a night. It was about 40 min of prog which was not bad. We should be able to clear it next week then just one more to complete the 70's.

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