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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 4 part 4

Part 4:

It was soon Aria's turn and she approached the counter. "Excuse me Anna, this will only take a moment." Annabel watched a few minutes as the young woman chatted with the attendant, giving her information and receiving a piece of paper in return for proof of purchase. The attendant then looked at Annabel expectantly.

"Miss, do you have an auction item you need to to have sent", the woman asked.

Annabel looked taken aback, she didn't want to claim the thing with Aria around to see, but then thought better of it. How would she know which book she had bought anyway?

"Er, yes, here you go." Aria's surprise was evident as Annabel took out her phone with it's confirmation number on the screen and handed it to the woman to view. "Anna, you actually bought a book? Excuse my curiosity, but what here appealed to you?"

Gears turned in the blonde woman's head, ugh, she WOULD ask that. "Um....well...OH!", A spark of inspiration hit the ditzy blonde's head, or was it that damn fairy bopping her? To be honest she was not sure. "it's for my family's collection; Adora was too busy so I came to collect it." She gave a gay laugh; "like I would ever buy one of those books for myself. Me? PLEASE!"

Both Aria and the attendant gave each other a look at Annabel's comment and just shook their heads. "If you say so" Aria said. The attendant gave Annabel's phone back to her saying. "You are all set Miss Ashcroft, we have your family's address on file and will send the book there under your name. We hope, 'enjoy' it." This last had a bit of a sarcastic note in her voice, which totally went by Annabel.

"Thank you, I'm sure I will", Annabel gave a polite smile then turned to Aria. "Well, that's all taken care of in more ways then one. Ugh, I am soooo glad this thing is ending, I am beat. Why I chose to wear 3 inch heels to stand around showing books I will never know."

"Yes Anna", Aria noted, "you ARE a bit dressed up for this place. Why did you even bother?"

Says the woman dressed like she is ready for the 19th century. "Oh, you know, 'look pretty', attract drooling men to our booth. It's all I'm good for if you asked my sister."

"Oh come on", Aria consoled. "I am sure you have other talents. I mean, your family has all those books, surely you make use of them to better yourself, right?"

"I...I...." Annabel was totally caught off guard by that comment and rendered speechless. She felt a shudder in her hair as Selene was trying VERY hard not to outright laugh at Aria's comment and Annabel's reaction to it.

"Well, I COULD," she finally said, elaborating the 'could', "but well, you know, 'stuff' gets in the way and then you tend to forget, and well, it just cascades and....."

Aria laughed, "I get it Anna, I get it; you have more important things to do than be stuck in a musty ol' library."

"YES," Annabel exclaimed, "thank you for understanding MY side of it. I just wish OTHERS would", glancing Adora's way. Looking at her sibling, Annabel DID wonder if her sister had noticed she was gone yet. If she did she was not making a fuss about it; maybe because this thing was almost over. HOW much longer was it anyway? Annabel quickly glanced at her watch to see, not much longer, thank God.

She turned back to look at Aria. "Aria", Annabel started, hesitating for a moment, then continuing; "those books, may I ask, why?"

Aria looked at the blonde in front of her quizzically. "Why? Why what?"

"Why so interested in them of you don't mind me asking. Why those specific ones? Are they special to you or something?"

Arianna thought for a moment considering Annabel's question, then answered. "I don't know if I can explain it easily, but I'll try."

"You see", she started, "those tomes are very unusual in terms of many things. The language in them, the symbols, the drawings, all if it is just so DIFFERENT than what one normally sees in written stuff from the past. It's just all so fascinating to me and I want to find their secrets, decipher them, make their knowledge my own. Honestly I was just thrilled your family wanted to give up some of the ones they had, I guess what's in them just does not mean very much to them. To the Ashcroft's, it's probably just more ancient writing few can hope to figure out."

"Honestly", Annabel said with a shrug, "that is something you would probably need to ask Adora about, she's the one really into those things. Alea and I, NOT so much."


"Oh, my other sister, younger than both of us; still a teen, quite the handful and little troublemaker. Pray you NEVER meet her!"

Aria laughed again, "from the sound of her I probably should, pray that is. Your family sounds quite the odd assortment Anna."

"Ugh!" Annabel made a face, "TELL me about it; how I survive them from day to day, I will NEVER know." She then changed the subject. "Well thank you for telling me why you like those silly things so much. With what you found here, hopefully it will further your research."

"Oh I hope so too", Aria said excitedly; "They look very promising and I can't wait to delve into them. I just REALLY wished I had acquired that last one. Oh well," she sighed, "c'est la vie. I better get going, it was nice meeting you Annabel, and maybe I'll run into you again sometime."

"Don't take this the wrong way Miss Rhodes, but NOT if I can help it, if you know what I mean." Annabel gave a laugh and a wink at that."

Aria laughed back, "don't worry, I'm not offended." And with that, the oddly dressed Arianna Rhodes left, leaving Annabel alone once more.

Rushing back to their booth, Annabel prepared herself for a scolding from Adora. But surprisingly, her sister was mum on her disappearance. Maybe she had much on her mind, Annabel thought, but she was NOT going to tempt fate by prying,so she kept her big mouth shut.

Soon the moment she had been waiting for since this whole thing had started had arrived; the convention, meeting, whatever, was FINALLY over! After the announcement want out over the speakers, Adora walked over to Annabel.

"Well dear, you survived. See Annabel, I told you it wouldn't be that bad."

"No", Annabel clarified, "you did not tell me how bad it was REALLY going to be. It was AWFUL Adora!"

The older Ashcroft just rolled her eyes at her younger sister's whine. Whatever Annabel, just DON'T run off yet, you still need to help me pack all this up."

"WHAT? You're KIDDING!" Annabel gave an annoyed huff, "damn it sis, you are sooo going to owe me for this."

"So you keep telling me Annabel. Look, the sooner you start, the sooner you will be finished and free to go do your usual thing. So come on," Adora pointed to the books, "get packing."

Cursing under her breath, Annabel kicked off her heels for comfort and got to work collecting the various books as well as other tasks Adora found for her to do. After almost a hour of this Annabel asked, "is that enough?" Adora looked around checking this and that, then turned to her younger sister. "Yes Annabel, I think I can handle the rest of it. Thank you for helping me dear, and I hope you will be more receptive to doing it again in the future if I ask."

Um, fat chance of THAT dear sister, but she did not voice that thought. Annabel merely smiled at her sister and said, "you have a good night sis", then reaching down to grab her heels, left the convention room as fast as her stockinged feet would allow.

Breathing a sigh of relief that she had FINALLY escaped, Annabel reached the hotel's lobby and collapsed into one of the guest recliners to take a breather. Man that had been a lot of work and she was beat! Selene had been unusually quiet, was the thing asleep? Well it HAD been a VERY long day for the both of them and Annabel was seriously looking forward to a nice loooong rest in bed. Did she have any classes tomorrow? Oh well, if she did she would skip them, she needed to SLEEP!

She heard a faint yawn then, "ugh, is it over?"

Annabel began to nod, then remembered where the fairy was. "Yes, finally. I was kind of surprised you didn't make any comments on my misery the last hour."

"You mean that moving around you were doing? It was all sooo boring and besides, I could not really speak with your sister about, could I? I just ended up falling asleep. Twelve I am tired, PLEASE tell me you are going to bed now."

"Right with you honey, headed back home right now. We should be back about", Annabel looked at her watch, "shit, by midnight. Was I working THAT long? Damn it."

Putting her heels back on, Annabel rose and left the hotel. She had to wait for the valet to being her car around, then grimaced when she saw the sparkles, remembering what Selene had done earlier. She is sooo cleaning that up!

But that argument was for another time. Right now all Annabel wanted to do is get home, crawl into bed, and try and forget that this day had ever happened. Unfortunately though, there was this doll sized bug named Selene who would be constantly reminding her that yes, it DID really happen, and that she was in some deep shit.

Selene perked up; "oh by the way, WHERE exactly am I sleeping tonight?"

"How the hell should I know", Annabel said annoyed. "I don't exactly have 'special' sleeping quarters for fairies. I know, you can sleep in one of my shoe boxes."

"A box? HA! Fat chance of THAT happening Blondie! I want my own bed! In fact yours is HUGE, I'm taking half."

"Over my dead body bug!"

"Fine", Selene conceded, "we'll work something out, for NOW. But tomorrow...."

Just then a popping sound came from nowhere and a rather familiar grimoire appeared in the seat next to Annabel. She looked at it and blinked. "Oh shit."

"You forgot, didn't you", was all Selene said.

"Um, maybe."

"Ugh," the fairy sighed, "tomorrow's going to be a LOOOONG day."

Comments (6)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yes people, FINALLY finished chapter 4 after what? months?

Ugh, yes, I know, bad Annabel. Well, I have an idea for chapter 5, so hopefully it won't be another 4 months to get it out. ;-)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Wow, with the view counts in this one after only 4 hours maybe I should be concentrating far more on the Modern Girl stories instead of the MSQ and game world ones. LOL

To be honest, I really DO enjoy writing these, I have just been very lazy about keeping it up. Maybe I need to change that.

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

You've been too focused on raids lol

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

yay!! good work!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Anna

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Thanks guys! ;p

Wow, this just keeps climbing and climbing in the views. It has motivated me to start writing chapter 5, so you won't wait months to see it. ;-)
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