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Faerie (Aether)

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Annabel's REAL Life stuff: End of year update.

I have not done one of these in a while, but with the end of the year coming up I figured I would just give a quick update on myself for my fans.

So what have I been up to? Really, nothing much. Yeah, nothing much has changed in the last few months much with my family and I. Being in a country town, the whole virus thing just still has not affected my life too much other than that whole mask wearing thing. God I REALLY hate it, and it causes me not to want to go out too much.

Job is still the same, since I worked from home before this whole thing started there was no adjusting to be made. SO's job is not affected either, being a genetic research scientist and all, gotta clone those pigs and sheep! LOL Son is going to kindergarten at a private school, so he gets to see other kids and not have to be stuck at home alone. So all in all, a pretty normal life.

As for stating the obvious, STILL playing FF14 for now, have lots to still do in the new patch plus I have my weekly statics, so have stuff to keep me interested in the game currently. Also currently writing the 5.4 patch up, it's halfway done, probably be out after Christmas. Also, I REALLY need to get back to 'Modern Girl', hopefully after I am done with writing 5.4 up.

Honestly though, I am still not sure what to do about continuing the whole writing thing. As I have said before, the writing view counts are very low now, and I know part of the reason is that I barely put anything out anymore so people have lost interest and moved on. We'll see what the future brings for it.

As for other games, my Xbox series X FINALLY shipped from Microsoft and I am hoping it will get here for Christmas, yay! I picked up a bunch of games for it from the Best Buy sale, (3 new games for $80 after price matching! :O) and can't wait to try them on the new oled tv I have. Oh, yeah, I broke down and FINALLY decided to get one since I managed to get one for $1000 on clearance. Ok, I WILL admit that with the RIGHT video signal, 4k oled does look good. And that 120 refresh rate does NOT hurt either! ;p

As for me, I am doing well. I have still kept off all the weight off I lost from being sick last Christmas and am strong and healthy thanks to exercise and dealing with that damn huge yard, (which is a serious workout! ;p ) I think though that arthritis is slowly creeping up on me more and more though. Sometimes it is hard to move the joints in the morning after using parts of my body too much. Yay getting old, sigh. But other than that, no new illnesses this year and I am hoping next year will be the same. (knock on wood)

Sadly though, the boardgaming group I was going to seems to have died out. Two of the members got married this year and I know full well what once marriage happens, the person's previous single life goes bye bye and they stop doing things they once did. It kind of sucks because it is so hard to find people here that play since it is not a big city, and with the whole virus thing, it might be a looooong time before there is a chance to find others to play with, oh well.

OH, but thanks to virtual boardgaming, I HAVE been able to play with my old group from back home thanks to Tabletop simulator. It is AMAZING the games we have been able to play online thanks to some very talented programmers who convert boardgames to it. Honestly, it is much easier than dealing with the physical copy, AND you can just save and continue your game later if you can't finish it, all from the comfort of your recliner in your home! :P

So there you go, everything still well and going through life ok despite how this year was. Let us hope next year will be better for everyone suffering for various reasons.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may you get everything you roll for in the game! LOL

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Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix (Light)

It is good that you are safe and sounded irl.

Out of all the thing you write, I particularly like your MINE adventure. I guess it is because it is something I can better related to. For more fictional work, they were interesting but I can relate to it less. Maybe I am not very imaginative and it is very hard for me to sink in a story.

Personally I write to get things out of my mind. While it is fun to see a discussion going, but I don't think about who may read my post.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah Sig, I know where you are coming from. Some have told me they don't really care for my writing posts but like everything else I blog about, which is fine. Writing is a form of art, and all artistic stuff is subjective and an acquired taste. It's why my non story stuff is usually much higher in views. Hell, this climbed up very quickly in the views. ;p

And, YAY, the Xbox came on the 24th! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow... um Saturday....damn it, stupid Xmas dinner. BAH! ;-)

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

happy holidays anna!
all the best to you and yours!

Green Mage

Leviathan (Primal)

Happy Holidays!
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