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Titania Extreme PF Macro

Made something for myself to use in PF when I'm doing with randoms and/or helping parties clear. Since now it's more likely for there not to be 2x Melee 2 Ranged/Caster, I've setup the markers are D1-D4 for DPS.

Here's the macro:
(if you do not have Morpho has a pet, change the icon to something else)

For markers I've set it up to mark all DPS with 2 -> 5. You manually mark OT with 1, and the desired healer to take the final tether with Chain 1.

My partylayout is different each role, but for a dps it's:

So you'll have to adjust this for your usage:
/mk attack2 <1>
/mk attack3 <2>
/mk attack4 <3>
/mk attack5 <4>
/echo Mark OT with 1
/echo Mark Healer to do Tether with 1
/micon "Morpho" minion

You may also just manually mark them, but you should adjust the macro Thunder Tether section too if you deviate from using 1 -> 5 -> 1.
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Gemini Goddess

Famfrit (Primal)

Thank you for this as it's much needed!
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