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Another Day

Was late to make this one by like 15 hours but that's okay, here it is. Another entry for Raiden's blog. It'll be extremely short, I'm mentally fried and physically exhausted. So whoever reads this one someday, you know why it is this way now!

Raiden cried out: "Up, up, and over the slump!"
The tree downed and still nearly whole and didn't even leave a stump
He didn't think he'd kill a tree, but Raiden the Red fears absolutely nothing
With full force and his own authority he ran head first into it without a care
He toppled the baby tree right then and there
He stared at it downed and knowing soon it'll be dead
He decided he didn't want an angry tree mother to put a bounty on his head
With great strength and his own world's pride
He picked up the fell tree and slammed it back into the ground without missing a stride
He laughed and to himself he said "A lumberjack I am, just with my head!"
With the tree's roots awkwardly mashed in the hole, he assumed it'd live or die but it's not his right to know.

So with confidence in it surviving this encounter, he sauntered off with a screw loose in his head.

Thank you for reading, until the next evening. Or several hours from now.
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