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Bozja Southern Front

Note: I find myself wanting to express my opinions on several topics and I think this is the place to be. My opinions are personal thoughts (and are not a critique), which I am not claiming to be right nor wrong. I am not expecting comments, otherwise I would have went to the official forum. In the event that there would be, I honor and respect everybody else’s opinion, though I’d prefer a healthy conversation over that of a heated debate.

Some Current Opinion(s):
Some FFXIV players believe Bozja is a great improvement from Eureka.

Rasler’s Opinion:
I welcome the big changes that came in for Bozja. Eureka is good, with the exception of Pagos, but Bozja has been more playable and enjoyable.

Making sure players actually do something to be considered for critical engagements instead of just waiting to be invited for notorious monsters without helping to spawn is a big plus.

Monster difficulty I think is better, instead of level numbers in Eureka, it uses just 1 to 5 and a star rank and they are more distributed in the zone area.

Introducing the Lost Actions right at the start made it feel you are playing the whole content more, as opposed to the Logos Actions which was introduced late in Eureka.

There are negatives though. Losing some experience for the resistance rank immediately is a downer. In Eureka, you lose the exp only after the time limit expires. The number of times you die (Red Comet...) practically can wipe your most recent lower level skirmish or critical engagement exp gain, that is if you can even get there in time to generate a gold result.

Parallel to that, I did find the zone travel slow, and that is already considering using the mount and the four aetheryte network.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah, you need to watch that experience loss and learn how to manage it. It's extremely bad in Castrum if there are party wipes and you have to release to go back to the entrance. One is not bad, but it adds up if it happens multiple times in the run.

To combat this, pick and choose your fights. Know what instances you can do and which will kill you lots and avoid them. (AKA: birdy!) Also watch the numbers and don't rush in, if there are too few people, opt out of the fight or you could fail

Rasler-heios Nabradia

Tonberry (Elemental)

Yeah, I've been avoiding some skirmishes and CEs already, ones where there is a potential to keep wiping. I'm not in a rush anyway, I'm rank 11, I'll get to 15 eventually while farming those clusters, though I am concentrating more with the relic weapons.
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