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Silver Valkyrie - Who We Are and What We Do

Silver Valkyrie Events is a roleplaying community and event planning group for Final Fantasy XIV, based in Lich, Light Data Centre. Primarily English-speaking, we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for players to try and become more involved in roleplay within the world of Final Fantasy XIV, both inside the game and outside. We host a variety of gatherings and events primarily aimed at roleplayer and help others to set up their own events. Those that our staff host usually line up with the in-game seasonal events. We also host The Crystal Crown Cafe; a Eorzean celebratory Maid and Butler Cafe, which is an ideal spot for players to dip their toes into RP in a controlled environment.

Over the years, my staff and I have worked hard to build a community that is as friendly, inclusive and mature in terms of attitude. We will not discriminate against our members, regardless of background, and make an effort to make everyone feel included and welcome. We do what we can to allow our members to express themselves through whichever creative medium they desire, be it prose, art or an aspect of roleplay.

Something that sets Silver Valkyrie apart from a lot of the other roleplay communities is our willingness to accept and work with character concepts that most would consider to be overpowered and "over the top". We encourage everyone to explore the possibilities with their character while working to keep within the bounds of the lore set by the FFXIV development team so that we can create the stories we want to build without alienating others. It is safe to assume that all within the Silver Valkyrie community have several common goals, including the desire to creatively express ourselves through roleplay and art and to have fun with one another. We feel that, with a little imagination and some filling in the empty gaps that are left in the lore, we are able to push the creativity of our members much more than we would otherwise be able to do.

As we recognise its importance, we actively encourage communication between members of the community, especially while roleplaying. Chatting to one another can help ideas to bloom in ways that you would never have expected and can also help keep everyone on the same page, so as to speak. Consent is always key, particularly when handling dark or sensitive topics, and it is a value that we advocate for extensively in the community, regardless of the form the roleplay takes. To have consent, it must be communicated properly, especially when a character may react negatively, but the player is happy to keep going with the interaction.

Over the years we have hosted many events for our community, which have been described as beginner-friendly, immersive, huge, magical but most importantly, welcoming. From glamour competitions to dark jacket balls, to murder mysteries and festivals, we use a mixture of tried and tested formula to create our events, while consistently looking for new and innovative ways to delight and surprise our guests, giving them the best experience possible. We also work to make a high number of our events accessible to level 1 alts, so if you wish to just come and dip your toes in the water of Light's RP scene, you are more than welcome to. We also seek to aid others with their events, offering help, advice and publicity and prize support where possible; though our aid may be limited on other servers beyond Light, we are willing to do what we can. We are also very happy to take suggestions, as well as being available for hire.

To begin with, we would promote the events we hosted on our Tumblr page and share them on our discord server, as well as mirroring the announcement on others where possible. After creating a Twitter account for my character I have been doing my best to remember to share the posts there too. It was recently bought to my attention that one of our newer members found out about us and my name through a lodestone blog post that was posted by my old FC leader in 2017 and I will admit I feel a silly fool for not doing making use of this blog sooner. In light of this, I am going to try and share a lot more information here about what we do, a bit of our history and some details of the other venues who advertise on our discord's announcements channel. Mayhap it will reach a few of you who have wanted to try roleplaying, but have been unsure where to start. If you are on Light datacentre, then perfect. If you are elsewhere, I plan on writing a post about places you can look soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Silver Valkyrie is also a Free Company on Lich. It has never been a requirement for someone to be in our FC for you to get involved with the roleplays we run, either as staff or as a guest. We also have a discord server, which is designed as an out-of-character space for members of our community to hang out in a welcoming and encouraging environment. We also welcome friends who play other games too, and we aim to provide a space those games can be enjoyed as a group.

If you are interested in getting involved with the work we do and the fun we have at Silver Valkyrie, please do not hesitate to come and join our Discord - - Looking forward to having fun with everyone!

Morgana Browne
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Lark Weaver

Phoenix [Light]

*repost cause I typo like a boss*
Amazing Work Lady Morgana <3 I am at your service <3 *bows*

Mina Kimura

Lich [Light]

So glad to be a part of the community ♥

Esara Alexandos

Lich [Light]

You and your FC do great work making the FFXIV community the best it can be 😊👍

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