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Friends from the First arrive...strangely, part 2

Memory sphere 3
Day 28

It was two days worth of mining in Ahm Araeng before we found another vein of the previously mentioned ore. There was much celebration about it as now more and more people were coming in to prospect the area. In addition, several new mineral and ore veins were being discovered under rubble and cleared away cave-ins. Seems like something good is coming to the area, thanks in part to the sky no longer being perpetually lit up.

As I was making my way back to the Crystarium, I noticed some very peculiar aetheric signatures coming from its direction. It was a warm, inviting feeling right along side something dark yet contained. Instantly I knew who had arrived here, though I was surprised that one of the two even made it in the first place.

Coming down the bridgework leading into the city I see Xel and a viera standing in the plaza looking in my direction. The sense of Lili was nearby but I couldn't directly see her. That made me a bit nervous.

You see, Lili is extremely sensitive to aetheric pressure. In part because--well, I think I mentioned this before--she's blind so her other senses are picking up the slack, including feeling aether. With all the latent umbral aether around despite the Warrior of Darkness doing something to it all she'd be bound to not adjust well to the surroundings.

I approach the two and ask if Xel has picked up a new girlfriend since I've been here. The viera steps up and admonishes me saying that she was Lili. The voice was...almost correct. But definitely familiar. Perhaps part of her transformation was causing the slight shift in her speech. So I defaulted to testing the viera's aether directly. Sure enough, the viera was Lili and I felt a great deal of suppressed anxiety from her.

But this also turned into an unexpected boon. Quickly grasping to my previous thoughts, I asked Lili a few questions to confirm what Zac had told me previously. She did. Then the all-critical question: could she sense Dr. Miroku in the here and now.

She confirmed it so.

My mind reeled with the possibilities. Basic rebirth dogmas instantly shatter. The Lifestream can and does direct souls to where they need to go to be the most effective. Half a dozen other thoughts also cross it in an instant. Both Xel and Lili looked on in alarm as I go through this thought process. Then I lay it on the line to them. Dr. Miroku is here and is calling herself Chloe. I also advised them that should they meet Chloe that not to bring up that name Miroku as I wasn't entirely positive what her reaction would be by this point.

Lili raises a question in the middle of the musings. She points to the Crystal Tower looming at the center of town and declares that something isn't quite right about it. I had to agree. Since I first arrived something seemed off. With the Miroku/Chloe mystery thus solved I could bend some attention to attempting to unravel that one. A notion or two budded in my mind; firstly that it was a beacon of some sort but not entirely sure to what end. I was also starting to warm to the subject then I realized we were out in the open and all manner of listeners could be nearby. Not wanting to cause a premature panic or further investigation into any and all recently arrived (myself included) I urged that we get Zac and I go over everything that I've experienced since my arrival.

Unfortunately, Lili's overloaded senses had finally caught up with her. She requested somewhere for her to rest and process everything that's happened so far. I reserved a room for her at the Pendants and played escort there for her. She thanked us and immediately retired to bed. That left me and Xel to go collect Zac.

Since he was supposed to be under bed rest at the Spagyrics. To my confusion he wasn't. What was found however was a mostly burned scroll with semi-familiar characters in a waste bin near his bed. Xel identified it as a ninjutsu scroll of body double. Great. We have a missing mi'qote (mystel in the First) that may or may not be fully recuperated on the loose. I turned to Xel if she could track his pupil using a special brand that acts as something like a pact between the two. Unfortunately, she dismissed the brand some time back.

I bet that was a relief to Zac.

Xel, however, did something else that seemed perfectly logical. Infusing her voice with some aether, she shouted at the top of her lungs: "ZAC! YOU MOTHERF****** I'M COMING FOR THAT BUTT!" She then grinned at me, saying it should keep him in place while we conduct an investigation.

Let me get one thing clear: it was a hollow threat she made; I've known the two of them for quite some time. Absolutely nothing of that nature had transpired or Lili would've had Xel's head on a platter.

Anyroad. Just seconds after the explanation, my tomephone goes off. Pulling it out, I look at it to see a picture message was sent to me by Chloe. Opening it up, I see a two pairs of feet and a rather large tree. The distance from he ground is significant. Instantly I knew that somehow Chloe and Zac were up a tree near the Horatorium. Sighing, I put the phone away and led Xel to the upper terrace where the trees would be crowning from the lower.

Sure enough, I heard muted conversation coming from one of the trees. We approached it and we found Zac and Chloe holding on for dear life. Xel, taking the initiative, jumped the gap and began to climb up to her student. Zac was panicking very hard at this.

I, on the other hand, pulled out my scholar spellbook and went hunting for a spell I was testing. My pixie came out, curious as to what I was planning on doing. I think he took a liking to Zac and nicknamed him 'Lummox'. Pixies have wierd ways of showing affection. Anyroad, before I could find the proper spell Xel deteched Zac from the tree and leaped down. The scream was almost like when he took a nosedive from the Fenrir half a year back. A short moment later I found what I was looking for. Bracing myself, I cast an inverted Aetherial Manipulation--I suppose what other healer-class casters would call 'Rescue'--targeting Chloe to come to my location. What i didn't expect was her to scream at the top of her lungs as she plunged at a 45 degree angle into my arms. I wasn't knocked over but it was a near thing.

My pixie went over to look down into the Horatorium and laughed at whatever he saw. He also asked me to cast that same spell on Zac to bring him up. I heard a faint reply from him for which my pixie blows his tongue at Zac then vanished. I can't help but keep a chuckle inward at the whole situation. I heard a faint noise from Chloe. Looking down, I see that she too was passed out. I shout down to to Xel to bring Zac up. Collectively, we take them back to the Pendant and rented a few more rooms for their use.

My poor housing budget...but it's for a good cause.
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