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A wife Reborn

Journal, several bells have passed since my hasty retreat from the homestead. And a lot has happened in those bells that have astounded, scared, and gave me pause to wonder.

So, first off, the nature of how the head wound had happened. She went out on a patrol and a rather dangerous one. The guardsman adventurer that was a part of the group got overwhelmed by a kobold raiding party and several other members had been separated. She fought bravely at his side until a singularly powerful blow from the kobold leader chanced to glance off the armor of the guard and hit her. The healer managed to shake pursuit and return back to the main fight ground.

My wife's head was split to the skull and her eyes were bloodshot. She was non-responsive to initial curative magics and even basic first aide. They carefully bound her head and put her on a chocobo to make for the nearest outpost under Maelstrom command. The field chirugeon was able to fare a bit better in getting her health back, but the damage was still well beyond his capacity. An emergency airship landing had been made to take her to gridania with all haste to be seen by the high-ranking conjurers and any available white mage. Plenty of the former but none of the latter.

Until they called me.

Yes, I'm a white mage in addition to an accomplished thaumaturge, skilled black mage, and journeyman red mage. Magic has been a part of my heritage for several decades and has been accelerated. I can appreciate all the nuance of it and respect the balance that it takes to govern natural magic.

Anyroad, after alerting Crystilla to take care of the kids (all of whom were rather confused about the situation) I teleported to Gridania as soon as I got clearance from their aether net. Paying their toll, I immediately accessed the city network and went straight to the conjury guild healing ward.

I looked upon my wife and my heart broke. Yet I steeled myself for what was to come. The chirugeon that flew in gave me the report I recorded earlier. All methods at their disposal had been used and managed her stability, yet to revive her to full consciousness was not possible at the time. I asked for a bit of privacy between the two of us. He left, leaving me with my love.

I cast out my senses to make sure that I was alone in the immediate vicinity then enacted a magic I haven't used since my amber days. I opened a healing conduit between myself and her and gently poured my own aether to her with it. Similar to blood transfusion, it allows me to transfer aether from one subject (myself) to another (her) for whatever effect is intended.

What happened during and afterwards took me by surprise.

The conduit was completed and the transfer started. But it came out in a rush rather than a controlled pour. In all this I felt a diminishment of my white soul stone power though only slightly. I braced myself against the bed for support and balance during this time.

And then her change happened.

The aether that mingled with her began to transform her body. It latched onto her ishgard heritage (family tree matter; don't ask) and in a pool of silver/gold light her body elongated. The tail that I had grown accustomed to vanished up into her back. The ears that once were on top of her head moved down along her side. Her skin turned slightly paler than before.

Her forehead closed up, but not completely. Over it, however, a strange sigil was made alight. It doesn't cover it completely, but enough that a long-distance glance could obscure it from view.

I was breathing heavily when I finally regained control of the connection and closed off the transference. I looked at her face, now resting. She's even more beautiful now than before. I bent over to give her a gentle kiss. Like a fairy tale story, her eyes fluttered open and she smiled. "Well, handsome elezen. That's some greeting." Then she pulled me close to her and boy, that was something entirely new and different.

I signed in relief. "Lira, my darling. You had me so worried."

A puzzled look came across her face. "Lira...? Who's that?"

In my mind I reeled. Had she forgotten everything? No, not possible. Or she wouldn't've kissed me with such abandon.

My concern was evident on my face. "It's me, beloved. Bellenker. What happened, you hurt?"

I shake my head. "No, my love." Then I explain briefly what happened. Her face made no change of appearance. She merely nodded and seemed to accept the story.

SHe waived me off, citing she was tired and wanted a brief rest. I left her at her request and went to find the chirugeon. I explained what had happened with her name and he nodded. "It's not surprising. 'er mental landscape got scrambled with the blow to 'er 'ead. She re'ranged it best as possible and invented a new persona. Yer lucky it was only 'er name. Other, worse things could've 'appened. Like forgetting about you altogether."

This startled me and made me count my blessings.

When she called me back in, she told me she was ready to go home to the kids. I 'pearled ahead, informing Crystilla about the change. The kids took to her like kids do, playing on her in glee though Olment commented that he misses the tail.

All in all, changes aside, I can't wait to see what other interesting changes will be occurring. Perhaps her fighting ability has changed. Given her absorption, in theory, of part of the energy in my white mage stone she may become a proficient healer.

Only time will tell.

-Drail Silverleaf Journal entry
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Zac Ame

Jenova (Aether)

Note to self
Never accept Aether from Drail unless I wanna be an elezen.

Drail Silverleaf

Jenova (Aether)

*bounces zac off the nearest roof* :p
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