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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Goings-On, 3/28 - 3/29


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A pretty decently okay Gems of War session today. Dailies and weeklies went well enough, but not with any of the groups I normally use, as my luck has been ASS with them. Just couldn't get anything going. I eventually ended up using my Shitbirds team, a team I ONLY use for easy to beat battles, since I couldn't do diddly-squat against anything else. Ended up doing all right actually, for a while anyway. But eventually I got a hankering to pull my The Rock Band! group out of the mothballs and pretty much spent the rest of the session using them almost exclusively. Worked on upgrading my kingdoms as well.

And Keitaro87 and djscrew361 came by for a while, as well as UppinAtom towards the latter part of my session. So, a pretty good day today. :)>

And later on in the evening I WAS going to record & upload a few Pinball sessions, but the input lag was so bad that I wasn't even going to bother, just doing enough of the Pinball FX3 weekly matchup league to keep from dropping down a tier. Sheesh!


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A good long six hour stream today. Active and busy! And today, after doing my dailies and weeklies, it was mostly doing kingdom challenges and mat farming, once again having to restock the shelves after burning through so much of them trying to upgrade my kingdoms yesterday. And also like yesterday, I played mostly my The Rock Band! team. I also used my Skull Falls and Men in Tights team a fair amount on this day as well. Aaaaaand the usual folks dropped in as well, Keitaro87 and djscrew361, but ending up splitting a few hours in. And UppinAtom dropped by on the tail end of my stream. So glad he's liking this game so far. :)>

Okay, time for a nap. Then I have to start getting ready for work. <Take care>, everybody. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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