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Joe's Thriday Thingies, 7/29 - 7/30


No stream today, surprise surprise. Body too beat up from work, as well as not much sleep (had to stay up a few hours after work because I had to talk to an HR person). My computer also suddenly restarted twice in a row, due to a hardware compatibility issue I've had ever since I started streaming (had to upgrade my graphics card just to be able to stream, but my motherboard has trouble handling it).

But later on, I played some Slay the Spire, but for some reason I was broadcasting it on Steam. A weird way to do it to be sure, but on the upside at least I don't have to do the full complete setup like I have to do when streaming on Twitch. So this is another option I might be exploring in the future. ;)>


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Dead stream today, with nobody coming on. Too bad, because I was really on a roll this time. I'm currently playing a "Defect" character (uses "orbs", sorta-kinda the way the astrologician in FF XIV works), with a deck centered around - see cards above - card retrieval and damaging enemies at a cost to my own life, aka "retribution" damage. Pretty interesting mechanic. I'm used to just doing straight-up poison and "needling" attacks, so this is defintely a change of scenery for me.

But anyway, time for a nap. Then I have to get ready for work. <Take care>, peeps. And I hope you guys have a good weekend. ;)>

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