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Joe's Thriday Goings-On, 5/6 - 5/7


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A bad (kinda) Guild Wars 2 session today. I did some world bosses and a dungeon, which went well and good, but questing on the other hand didn't go so well. The quest start locations were way out of the way, and I was actually getting killed once in a while trying to get to these locations. And I eventually had to give up on the final boss of the quest I was on, since I kept dying over and over (it was basically a raid boss, with one-shot mechanics, as well as requiring very specific things you have to do in order to damage him), and I still had things to do tonight. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

The vinyls I played today were:

Motorhead - Overkill
The Residents - Eskimo
Thin Lizzy - Self-Titled Debut
Heart - Little Queen


So, last night/this morning I kept on playing Guild Wars 2 off and on (off-stream), working on my mesmer. Trying to make it work. He's got a build I want to make, but getting the equipment I need is basically a no-go (More trouble than it's worth. I elaborate more in my pseudocast).

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All mesmer this time (in Guild Wars 2), mostly running world bosses, as well as trying out various variations of my build, different types of gear/passives & stuff, stuff I can afford/easily obtain, at least. The skeleton of my build is pretty much there. Now I just need to find the right equipment (WAAAY easier said than done. See above) so I can be viable for the end-game. A level 80 character running around with level 68 equipment makes me feel inadequate.

And a new viewer named MindMeltingMedia came by. He seemed to be a vinyl lover, like myself. And he also plays Magic: The Gathering, something I used to play a lot back in the 90s, hardly at all these days (I explain about it more in one or both of my previous pseudocasts above).

Buuuut anyway, here's the records I played this session:

John F. Kennedy, The Memorial Album
Diamanda Galas - The Divine Punishment
Richard Pryor - That N****r's Crazy
Tschaikovsky - 1812 Overture, and other songs

And aaaaalrighty. Time to call it a night. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good weekend. ;)>

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