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Joe's Wonderbar Weekend, 11/28 - 11/30


And like always, with few exceptions these comics have no bearing on the stream content. They're just headers I liked at the time, nothing more.

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Went a bit overlong on Guild Wars 2 today, taking too long on one of the open-world dailies, since we had players that were real douchebags, falsely marking areas where events - Guild Wars 2's version of FATEs - were occuring, sending people on wild goose chases, possibly away from where events were actually occuring.

And I went ahead and played Fantasy Strike, since I only had about 30-45 minutes before I had to shut down, and I wasn't planning on doing anything real intense anyway. And most of my time was spent in practice mode, basically fact-checking to make sure that all the complaining I was doing yesterday when I was getting my butt beat was legit. Evidence is, overall, inconclusive (you can only program your training dummy to do so much, so it was hard to find what I was looking for). Oh well, guess I gotta wait for the real thing now. -_-

Oh, and I also dabbled a bit with a character named "Midori", after purchasing his brown attire (I love the earthy look!). He's a combination of a grappler - like Zangief and T. Hawk of Street Fighter - and the summoner class in FF XIV, as he can transform into a dragon with powerful attacks/throws. Might play this guy more in the future, but we'll see.

And the vinyls I played today were:

Weird Al Yankovic - Polka Party
Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Rush - A Farewell to Kings


I think I found my war cry, despite this one being one of his most popular.

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A pretty meh Guild Wars 2 session. DId my usual crafting, and I could only do 2 out of the 3 open-world dailies, since noone seemed to be able to get it together and call out where the map events were occuring, forcing everyone to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, hoping to stumble upon an event. I just cried uncle and called it off.

But, as I haven't heard from robean in such a long time (either she's legit not playing or she's logging in as invisible, trying to avoid me. I've done this before over the years, logging in invisible, not in the mood to deal with one or more people. And I know I'm not the most pleasant person to be around at times either, so it's understandable) I went ahead and ran a daily dungeon, something I don't like doing unless she's running it with me, as needy as that might sound.

Luckily, I got a good group! At least 2 of us were newbies, and one of them was explaining mechanics to us, and being patient, everything I liked about robean. And best of all, I didn't have to use my pre-written message that I wrote today, to be used when people give me shit about not being able to keep up with the group:

So, . . . . . . The gw2 community is NOT friendly, and they're NOT helpful. People praise this game to the high heavens, but in reality this game is just another dyed in the wool MMO, like World of Warcraft. The players are all basically chronic drug addicts; The "high" is no longer there. Now, people play for no other reason than the fact that they can't live without it. And god help you if you get in the way of their addiction (as though it's all your fault they're hooked)! I should've just stuck with WoW. -_-

And FWIW I pre-wrote this because I "have" to run these now, and I'm a lousy typist. >.<

Buuuut anyway, on to Fantasy Strike. Pretty good session here. I had a brand spanking new player actually asking me - ALSO a new player - for tips on a character I've never played before. The blind leading the blind indeed! So, I just showed him a tutorial video on how this character plays, as well as showing him some replay videos of her in action (for those that are interested, her name is "Jaina", who is basically a fire-based FF XIV bard, relying on shooting arrows all over the place and hoping that one or more hit).

This is definitely one of the things I like about this game: In-game tutorial videos on all the characters, which is very convenient. Usually you have to go on Google/YouTube in order to find what you need. And these are all GOOD videos, done by the game's creator, David Sirlin, a fighting game player from as far back as the early 90s. You definitely won't get left in the dark with these (I've seen some awful tutorials over the years, including YouTube videos).

Otherwise, I just did some piddling around with Argle Gargle and Midori and called it a night.

The LP records I spun this evening were:

Bill Cosby - Is a Very Funny Fellow. Right!
The Residents - Self-Titled Debut
Devo - Duty Now for the Future
The Ventures - Golden Greats


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Dead stream today, with only flyday_night dropping by for a short bit. But otherwise,....

A good time in Guild Wars 2 today. Everything went nice and smooth, crafting went quick, and the open-world dailies all went off without a hitch. The kind of session I wish I'd get more of.

And for the first time I played a game called Yomi, a collectible-card version of Fantasy Strike. Pretty good game, from the little I played of it (I just got past the tutorial). Seems kinda Rube Goldberg-ish at times, but I'd have to play this some more to confirm this.

But after this I decided to play some Fantasy Strike for a little while, despite what my stream title says above. And Eureka! I've said before that if I ever got this look in the gem shop I'd play this character immediately. And speak of the devil!

I love the friar monk look. Anyway, for this guy, he plays as part monk, and part ninja (specifically his Bunshin ability), a very unique mechanic in fighting games. Many of his attacks can cast false illusionary versions of said attacks, really confusing your opponent, since he doesn't really know which direction to block, or what to attack. I defintely plan on playing this guy more, as back when I played Magic: The Gathering my main color was blue (if this makes any sense at all).

And the LP records I spun this evening were:

The Cure - Disintigration
The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
Suicide - Self-Titled Debut
Ivan Rebroff (Russian opera singer)

Okey dokey! Calling it a night. Thanks for watching/reading, everyone. <Take care.> and have yourselves a great night/day. ;)>

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