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Joe's Thriday Grim Dawn/FF XIV Sessions, 4/2-4/3

An intro to Grim Dawn (for those curious about the game)

Did my Grim Dawn stream today, playing my new witch hunter class (part FF XIV ninja, part summoner). I worked on the Act 1 storyline, eventually defeating the Act 1 boss to close it out. So, now for Act 2!

And the records I played this evening were:

The Clash - Self-Titled Debut
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Lou Reed - Rock n' Roll Animal
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture, and other tunes


Very busy Final Fantasy XIV today. To start with, I had to log in practically the moment I woke up and get some of the hunts going before the whole of the Shadowbringers expansion turned into an hour-long rain forest (I hate rain). But otherwise I did all the hunts on my red mage, and then switched on over to my ninja, and started working on him for a bit. I did a 50/60/70 roulette and got The Burn, with another one of those mass-pulling tanks. But this time, this was no fanboy tank. This one knew what he was doing, healer as well. The kind I wish I'd get more often but hardly do.

But after that, I jumped into one of the rare FATE parties that pop up, another one of my favorite activities in this game, that and Eureka (still waiting for that to come out this expansion, if it does. It was why I was leveling my red mage).

And so it looks like I'll be trying to get my ninja to level 80 now, at least until further notice.

And the records I played this time around were:

Devo - New Traditionalists
Bill Cosby - Revenge
Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Johnny Cash - The Sound of Johnny Cash
Manuel Gottsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar (side one)

Okay, nappy-nappy time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care.>, one and all. And have a good weekend (playing Grim Dawn over the weekend). ;)>

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