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Joe's Grim Dawn/FF XIV Streams, 3/11/2020


Free flying lessons, who wants in?! Only 3? Awwwwww....

Another good Grimm Don session, although I had to restart the game and my stream software because I had to tweak my graphics settings because I think my stream was lagging. And I did my usual Crucible run, as well as do a few faction bounties, trying to get some faction reps increased (factions in this game work the same as in FF XIV, the higher your rep with a certain faction, the more buying options you'll have with that faction) so I can buy some better stuff. And I also worked on some of the Act 4 questline as well. And all of this was done on my reaper (what you get if a ninja and a dark knight had a baby) guy. Really having a hard time trying to play my other characters right now. I think I struck gold with this guy.

And the records I played today were:

The Beatles - The White Album
The Roger Wagner Chorale - Gregorian Chants
Tchkaikovsky - Pathetique
Bill Cosby - Is a Very Funny Fellow. Right!
El Botteon & His Orchestra - Wunderbar! (Album aborted a few songs in, since there was lots of singing. I like polka music, but only the instrumental stuff)
The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights


This morning I played my weekly Pinball. Did better than the last few weeks, but still not that great. But I did manage to beat my previous high score in Class of 1812 though. So at least there's that....

Finally remembered to post this up, after taking it about a week ago. -_-

For my FF XIV session I did the usual on my bard, running hunts and Pixie beast tribe quests. I also did a leveling roulette and got Malikah's Well, a dungeon I've only done twice at sporadic times ie. I still know very little about it. Couple that with a speed-pulling tank, and the fact that I'm playing a bard,.....

If this doesn't seem fast enough for you, it's because the GIF maker I use only goes up to triple speed. If I could speed this up more, I would!

...really made running this dungeon difficult for me. I'm surprised I only died twice (took a lot of preventable damage though -_-).

And 2 more flying lessons. Joe, the human launch pad!

And for the Grim Dawn session it was me doing my usual on my reaper, running the Crucible, then this time I just meandered around farming/killing stuff, not advancing the storyline or anything. And I nearly got my ass handed to me in one instance. Gulp!

And the records I took out for a spin today were:

Tom Lehrer - That Was the Year That Was
Alice Cooper - Love it to Death
Herb Albert & His Tiujana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights
Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Vangelis - Opera Sauvage

Time to call it a night. Thanks for reading/watching, everybody. And <Take care.> ;)>

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