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Joe's Grim Dawn/FF XIV Weekend, 3/9/2020


Did my Grim Dawn stream, but it ended up going south, due to technical issues. Yesterday I tweaked my OBS, but apparently it severely lagged my stream, so I set everything back to where they once were, totally forgetting that changing graphics settings freezes my OBS, meaning I have to restart both the game and the stream software. So, for 30-45 minutes it was stuck on the graphics menu when I finally realized what happened. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

But as for the session itself it went very well. I did my usual Crucible run (a minigame where you defeat as many waves of enemies as possible) with my reaper (reaper = FF XIV ninja + dark knight), as well as a few bounties (aka hunts). Then, I decided to switch over to my blademaster (blademaster = ninja + warrior) and puttered around on him for a bit. After that, I took my warder (warder = warrior + white mage) out for a quick spin as well. I kinda like this class, now that I think about it. I might end up running with this guy more often. :)>

And here's the records I played today:

Ween - God Ween Satan
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmuzic


Called in sick from work today, due to shoulder spasms and my right shoulder blade hurting a bit. Must've overdid it at work last night (had to work late as well).

So, that just freed me up to stream some Grim Dawn today for longer than 2-3 hours (5 hours to be exact. :O>). And in that time it was mostly Crucible running (a mini-game where you have to defeat waves of enemies) on my reaper. I think I did do some running around, and on some of my other characters, but very little.

And here's the vinyls I spun this session:

The Honolulu Guitars - Hawaii, Isle of Paradise / The Charles "Kaipo" Miller Serenaders - Hawaiian Paradise
MC5 - Kick Out the Jams
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
Manuel Gottsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar
Megadeth - Rust in Peace


Early this morning on a whim I fired up Chrono Trigger again, seeing if I get lucky and my OBS program would recognize it. And lo and behold it did! . . . . . . But then within minutes, the game crashes. So much for that!

A good Final Fantasy XIV session today. I worked on my bard like usual. Running hunts and Pixie beast tribe quests, as well as a leveling roulette (the Quinta Ravel, or whatever it's called) that actually went pretty well, despite me constantly fucking up boss mechanics because bard playstyle.

But on the upside I got him to level 77. So after that I just crafted & melded all of his level 78 gear, so he's all ready to go. And a girl named APTITUDE dropped by for the first time, and I guess she's in the same FC as me. Small world!

But after that was all squared away I jumped on over to Grim Dawn. There, all I did was The Crucible (a mini-game where you have to defeat as many waves of enemies as you can) on my reaper character (part FF XIV ninja, part dark knight), with old-time GD vets Plasmastrike67 and scarlett_dragoon cheering me on. Always helpful!

And here's the vinyls I played this evening:

Saturday Night Fever - Movie Soundtrack
The Black Watch (Scottish marching band & bagpipe music)
Run-DMC - Self-Titled Debut
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Suicide - Self-Titled Debut

And aaaaaalrighty. Gotta call it a night. Thanks everyone, for reading/watching. And have yourselves a great night/day. ;)>

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