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Joe's Weekend, 3/2/2020


A necromancer with a shotgun. Whoulda thunk it!?

Today I played some Grimm Dawn, starting by playing The Crucible (a mini-game where you defeat as many waves of monsters as possible) for a while, then I got to working through act 3, all of it on my reaper.

And I just remembered something this morning: One of the reasons why I might be having trouble sleeping is because of me playing hardcore mode. I think I had this issue back when I played hardcore in Diablo 3, as well as solo self-found hardcore in Path of Exile. Eventually I ended up shifting down to softcore. I don't want to have to do this in this game, but I might end up doing so. I'll figure something out, I hope. But this also assumes that my allergies aren't the real issue though.

The LP vinyls that I played today were:

Chicago Transit Authority (aka Chicago) - Self-Titled Debut
Turk Murphy - Barrlhouse Jazz
Ted Nugent - Self-Titled Solo Debut


3-for-1. Always a bargain!

Short Grim Dawn stream today, due to poor sleep (Yyyyep! Good 'ol bad sinuses again). Plus, I still had more work to do on yesterday's blog. Felt bad for skullface33101, who, like always, can chat up a storm. Always appreciated! Try as he might though, it still wasn't helping me stay awake. :(>

But anyways, for the session itself, I decided to to run The Crucible - a mini-game where you have to defeat waves of enemies - on my reaper (think, a FF XIV ninja and dark knight hybrid) for a little bit. And then I decided to take my new dervish (a hybrid of FF XIV ninja and fire-based paladin) out for a walk, running the Act 1 questline. Seems all right so far. I probably won't like him as much as my reaper, but enough to play him from time to time.

And here's the vinyls I played this evening:

The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery & Imagination
The Sting - Movie Soundtrack
George Benson - Breezin'


So, for my FF XIV stream today I just worked on my bard, running the usual hunts and Pixie beast tribe quests. I also did a leveling roulette and got Shisui of the Violet Tides. And this time, I got a real good group, especially the tank. He only pulled one group at a time, as the healer was a returner. He even said:

Which I thought was pretty cool, as it showed he was willing to work with her. I wish more tanks would do this.

And I also snagged level 75 as well. Halfway there! And I was going to start crafting level 76 gear, but I wasn't in the mood. So I went ahead and.....

Got going on the Grim Dawn session, which went pretty good. I finally got level 40 on my reaper, and am almost done with act 3 (I just have to head to the final act boss now). I was going to go ahead and work on my other characters, but by this time I was nodding off, and the session was pretty much dead anyways, with none of my regulars being on, so I just ended it for the night.

The LPs I played this time around were:

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Roky Erickson - Gremlins Have Pictures
Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again
Stan Getz - With Laurindo Almeida
Fugazi - Red Medicine

Aaaaalrighty. That's gonna do it for me. I might be on tomorrow morning (typically 2:30am, US central time), but we'll see. Until then, <Take care.>, everyone. And you all have a good day/night. ;)>

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