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The 171st Blog of Learning English in FFXIV

My island has been ranked 10 at last! Let me show you some screenshots of the sanctuary today!

Water Otter Fountain, I love that but it was costed over several million gil.

The otters in Eorzea are too expensive without exception. It cannot be helped because they are too cute.

This is my pasture.

There are all rare animals I have caught! But I'm slightly nervous about a few unknown factors.

You two carnivores?

I have worried they can't help but eat other animals. Surprisingly, I fed them green things only since they came here and their mood is kept chipper. Maybe, I have changed them herbivores from carnivores. You know, warriors of light who can do anything.

Since it is already night, let’s end here for today. Thank you for reading my blog. See you later!
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Akihana Everisle

Carbuncle [Elemental]

Nice blog! Good luck on your English journey.

Delphini Lestrange

Alexander [Gaia]

Thank you so much and same to you too!
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