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Own Goal! Match 8

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with this game. It contains all sort of spoilers and controversial materials. So read at your own risk.

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Match 8: The Working Of Democracy

I have to be upfront about this. I am never a Trump supporter. I disagree on many of his policies, and I am very uncomfortable on a lot of his outright racist stances. I disagree with his choice of his team. People like Pompeo and Bolton were non-stop spinning BS try to provoke a war should not have be part of the administration. No, I am saying Trump is evil or that sort. But in a country of 300 millions population, I believe there are better people to run the country.

Yet, he won the 2016 election, based on the rule the Americans setup for centuries. And so, we have to be at least fair to him.

When he was in office, some US media kept talking about the mental health of Trump. Should the same concern apply to Biden? A person who was trying to shake hand with air and read everything out from the teleprompter, like "End of quote, Repeat the line"?

Trump was accursed for all kind of dealings that conflict of interest and profiteering during his presidential years. While we should hold him accountable, but then should there is also be more media coverage and investigation on Hunter Biden. His laptop potentially contains the level of corruption beyond what Trump and his family have ever been accused for.

Obviously the economic growth during Trump era was partly due to the work done in the administration before him. Then, how does it compare to the $6 a gallon gas and 10% inflation? There is no more talk of those racist boarder wall, but has there any actual plan to deal with immigration issue? If the withdrawal fiasco from Afghanistan was Trump's idea, then the current fiasco in Ukraine is who's idea? Do we really feel better with Biden having his hand on the nuke button instead of Trump?

Honestly, I am not sure next guy is up will be any better. I personally do not agree with Trump. Then who else? Newsom? DeSantis?


During Covid, I was among the people who think that everybody should get vaccinated to help slowing the transmission of the virus.

In some ways, I understand the scepticism. There are big pharma benefits from selling vaccine. There is a real chance that they try to cover up some of the side effect to get their sale done. There is a chance that the government tries to create an emergency so that they can abuse emergency power. However, I think the odds of getting killed by vaccine is much lower than being killed by Covid. The big pharma do lie and cheat, but I think there is good enough scientific backbone that can prevent vaccine that does serious harm to come out. There is risk. But I think the risk is worth taking for our society to be safer.

So when the trucker protested in Canada because of the refusal of getting vaccinated, I do not support them. Still, it is their right to protest. If they want to get the government to come out the negotiate for some sort of settlement, it is their right to do so.

Instead, no government official met with them. Instead, the Canadian government used the Emergencies Act and went around freezing bank accounts and cancelling credit card for people who involved in the protest.

Is this not something one would expect coming from an authoritarian regime?


When we think of democracy, it often link to a mean to choose our government. A government that represents the will of the people.

Then, it comes a point that, you can have two parties, but nothing really changes no matter which one you choose. Or, sometimes, the next guy is going to be worse than the previous one. When there are issues that are concerning you and your community, but there is next to no process for those opinions to be reflected to the government.

People might get on the street to protest. The news media, now largely funded by government and wealthy people, tries to minimize the coverage of those protests and make sure their views do not get passed to wider audiences. When these protests turn disruptive, the governments use emergency power to silent those involved.

So, if there is a day when there is an issue that people do care, but government kept ignoring it, what can you do to get government's attention? Vote another party doesn't work. Peaceful protest doesn't work. Disruptive protest doesn't work. Next time when such issue people really concern does arise, are we waiting for blood to spill?

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