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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 24

Act 24 At The End of The Tunnel

All the effort to grind in Eureka was for one purpose, Baldesien Arsenal.

I was told that it was brutally difficult content. I have never done this before because I skipped almost the entire 4.x expansion. In the Light data centre, there were two groups still organized regular BA run. One was the Citedal of Light, and the other one was Eurekan Academy. I couldn't level fast enough to make it to the Citedal of Light run. I barely made it to the newbie run from Eurekan Academy. To be honest, the moment when I signed up for the run, I wasn't even elv 60 yet. I woke up at 3am to do the last part of the grind and finished the quest to make sure I have all the requirement met.

I managed to watch a text guide on all the boss, and a video guide on all the bosses except proto Ozma. I made sure I have material to craft the logogram required, and got whole branch of Eurekan potion.

The only thing I seem to forgot was to change my discord setting to enable people to message me with the group name and password. In the process to fixed that I messed up my setting in another way that I can't send message to anyone except my friends.

At this time, I had two days left on the free login.

We had 6 parties plus a support party participating. The PF group started 15 minutes before raid time. Each of the group signed into Hydatos one by one, then we checked to make sure that we were all in the same instance. Once we got in, some people will try to find the elemental for fairy buff. We were not supposed to pick it up right the way. Instead, we wait for Ovni to spawn. Killed Ovni, then get the fairy when the portal came out. Each of us was assigned to a particular portal. We went off to find it and waited for it to turn red.

When we got into the instance, the team splited into two. Then, we jump down, killed some trash mob and got to the first boss.

Those trash mob all die before I can count to 3, including the demon wall. Honestly, I think some of us can just afk.

There were people went ahead from the group scanning for traps. For some reasons, they know exactly how many traps to be found in each place. I basically followed other people. Before the start of each boss, there was an audio play back that describe what the mechancis of this boss would be. In case you don't speak English, there were a French and a German channel that you can tune to. Supposedly we all have watched a guide before showing up, but there were four bosses. I supposed it helped to have some reminder before the fight.

The first boss had the same mechanics as Sophia EX. A point blank AoE, a donut, and sync to one of the stick in the edge of the arena to repeat that mechanics.

The second boss was some sort of Odin type character. There were some add that die before I can land a few hit. Then there were this charge similar to the Ivalice raid where half of the platform will get hit.

Absolute Virture has a mechanics similar to the cycle of fate in E11s. There were the light dark mechanics in E7. I found the point blank then cone aoe more annoying if there were no call out.

The last boss was proto Ozma. All the mechanics was the same as the Ozma at the weeping city. Except there is a star shape, and there is a Ozma shade mechanics. The Ozma shade was supposed to be located directly behind the party. I kept wonder how people know there is a shade, and what shape it has given that it was untargetable. Initially I suppose they kept flipping their camera angle and saw what was behind the party. Then I realized that you can angle your camera in a way that you see the shade from another party.

Just when I was glad that I figure out just how this mechanics worked. There was a call out for us to move away from Ozma.

I was too slow, and it was a one shot.

I wasn't the only one who got hit by that mechcanics. However, for the other person, sprite of remembered activated, so he got auto-revived. For me, it didn't activate.

When I was the ground, Ozma turned into a sphere and started casting blackhole.

I got flushed out from the instance, back to the starting point of Hydatos. Someone rez me there so I didn't lose any exp. However, I also got locked out from Beldesian Arsenal.

I had told that the encounter in BA would be brutal. However, this was not what I had in mind. I had been in raid that were mechanically difficult, in the sense that those requires the kind spactial awareness I don't process, or dps check that we were not quite equiped for, or getting use to the movement because of latency, lag, or just animation delay. None of those difficulties apply here. In fact, the mechanics in BA was relatively simple.

The "brutal" part of BA is you basically can't die. If you die, you gamble with RNG, of which you have 70% getting auto-revived. Well, it didn't happen to me. Later on in this fight, one healer used healer LB3 because we have multiple people died in the run. If I were still on the ground, I would have been revived. But guess what, right after I die, Ozma casted blackhole.

It was extremely annoying.

As it happened, there was another BA run the very next day, so I signed up for it. It was the very last day of my free login. If I can't clear the fight, then well, maybe I will try again in 2022.

Because it was the last, so I just play carefully. So carefully that I just stop dpsing when I need to move for mechanics during proto Ozma. I checked my debuff and made sure that I won't be the one who blow up the team with the accelation bomb, or meteor. In some cases, I just stopped dps and make sure I do the mechanics. The end result is the Ozma mount. I think it looks nice.

I have the whole Eurekan Academy to thank. From organizing the run, to the call out, to writing the guide.

I had a mixed feeling.

Maybe, it was just another case I get carried.

Or maybe, it was just not the way how I usually approach a raid.

The secret of clearing a fight is to listen to what the raid leader has to say and do exactly what the raid leader told you to do. In some way, we were just an extension of the raid leader. Have we learn anything? Maybe. It just felt too safe, way too safe.

I can't recall at any point in this game I got this much hand holding before. On one hand, knowing what is at stake, I appreciate the guidance. On the other hand, I don't feel any joy for doing any mechanics correctly, or in fact, clearing the fight.

In any case, it is the end of my free login. I suppose, I have made very good use of the free stuff SE provided. From free trial to free login, I have done raid at lv60 or below, PoTD, and now there is Baldesien Arsenal and one of the Eden raid.

The best part is, of course, I don't have to tell people that I am going to unsub, since I was never sub in the first place.

I guess, let's end with another school bus music from long time ago.

Table of content of this series is here
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