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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 17

Act 17 Off the Beaten Track

By that time when it was mid-February, I was more or less functional. I doubt anyone would have suspected anything from me. However, there was still something that seems to be very wrong.

It was an uneventful day when I accidentally stumbled upon a PF ad. It was something along the line of a club or something. I think it was around Valentine's day and some of these RP communities were making some special event. Initially, I wasn't interested in participating. I did write a RP profile five years ago, where my character has mental problem and will likely to end his life. I was not sure if I should be RPing on that. It just felt a bit too close to home, but nevertheless I joined the discord server of these RP venues.

Eventually I decided to check out some of those venues. At first there was a sort of a club, I think it was called "Bar Equilibrium". They run drawing even, short skit on a stage they set up in their basement FC house. There was one game they came up with where the host will summon a minion, and we will guess which one it was. The room floor was divided in two colour, and you had to stand one one side to show your choice.

Then, I came across this place called "La Petite Mort". Someone in Rebecca's discord told me that it was actually ERP related. I had no idea. That venue was an FC house. The basement was decorated like a disco dance floor. The organizer often sent /yell to tell us the link for the music. Obviously you don't dance with the in-game music, you are supposed to listen to the track from that link. They made one FC room open to all, and it was decorate like a toliet. The second floor had a lot sitting areas. It was very quiet and people sat together motionless. I supposed it was where the ERP happening, but I had no idea. Unlike in real life, I can't overheard anything or see any movement from people.

The announcer in the venue often sent us /yell saying that there were some "Amour" with the invite to party sign, that we were encouraged to buy them drink, invite them to dance, or talk about their services etc. It was where it got awkward. Not only that I can't send /tell, I also didn't have a lot of /dance move on my free trial account. A lot of those dance moves from gold saucer or beast tribe, I had none of them. To make this worse, I cannot trade item with other players, which including gil. Therefore, I can't actually buy drinks at the counter. If I need to talk to one of their "Amour", then I have to use /say in the conversation, all in front of at least 50 people in the dance floor.

I ended up checking out their website to find out what's going on there. In their website, there were some introduction on their "Amour", and there was a list of "services". Apparently you can pay their "Amour", from dancing with you, to ERP. Their most expensive service was something called "BDSM ERP". In nutshell, you would send /tell to one of the "Amour" to indicate the service you want. They will take you to their FC room, take your gil, and basically spend 30 minutes of their time talk to you about sex in the in-game chat window.

There is no image, no sound, no action. You are not really paying for in-game sex, but just a chance to talk about it with a stranger.

I wonder why things sound rather lame when I spell out what exactly it is.

In the storyline of 3.x, Shiva was supposed to commit grave sin for "laying with dragons". Very often I wonder what the other languages translate it to. With the size of Hraesvelgr compare to a normal Elezen woman, one would wonder what is the definition of sex act in this game. However, bestiality is actually a thing, and it is easier on our mind if we don't drill on the details. What comes next was Hraesvelgr ate Shiva to have her soul entwined with his.

So in nutshell, after Hraesvelgr sleeping with Shiva, he ate the girl.

For whatever reasoning it is, if it doesn't sound disturbing to you, I guess there is nothing anyone come up with in this game can possibly be disturbing to you.

I suppose we should just travel across different shards to find our counterpart with the same soul and eat them all. In that way, our souls can be all entwined and we can become unsunder again. I wonder why the sundered Ascian don't just go around the shards and, well, (with music) did somebody say, just eat?

In any case, I seem to have the luck to run into really bizarre people. Once upon a time in Syncademy, there was this person name Claria who decided to show us a movie by sharing her screen on discord. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I mean, new people can just all gather up and watch a quick guide together before raid. Or, who knows? Maybe one day we can all watch World Cup together remotely.

The first time when this happened, I didn't join. I was not sure what I might get into. There was no info on what movie was being shown, and I was not sure how to get out of it if she was showing something I didn't like. Not to mention at that time, Claria was more or less a stranger to me. Both of us had been around Syncademy for a bit at that point, but Turael never assigned us into the same party. With one exception of O3s, because there was only one party. In theory anyone who hang out in the #cafeteria will know of her, but for me she was just another name on the party list.

The next day, she started another movie event. This time it started like 5pm. I was still at work so I also can't join. 30 minutes later, I got the first draft of a report to my boss ready. I checked discord and noticed that she was in a voice channel sharing movie with zero audience. I thought to myself, what a shame that no one appreciate this billant idea. So I joined the discord with my phone, put it on mute, pretended that I was participating in the event while continue to work. When I finally got out from work and can watch the movie properly, I think there was only 1/3 of the movie left. I tried to catch up with what was going on in that movie from wikipedia. I accidentally read the entire plot including the ending before the movie got to that part.

What a way to watch movie.

When the movie finished, I asked Claria about her choice of movie. She mentioned something, but then she sighed and sounded so emotional. She said, "well, I can't just show you guys porn."

At that time I thought to myself, "wait, but just what makes you think I am the kind of people who would watch porn with an online stranger like yourself?"

Of course, I said nothing. It came to my mind that maybe there was a different movie that Claria actually wanted to show that day, and I definitely was not the intended audience.

However, there was something very interesting about this experience. Based on the plot summary on wikipedia, there was supposed to have this group of people who lure hitchhikers to have sex with and kill them after the act. The main character's sister was raped or lure to have an affair and then hang herself afterward. Then there were fights and people get murdered, etc. Well, I think I missed the rape screen because of work. By the time when I got to watch the movie, the girl was already hanging herself. But think about this, a movie involved violence, murder, rape, suicide was showed in Syncademy's turf, and basically all under Turael's nose.

Even if Turael rules Syncademy with an iron fist, he can't be watching over everything, everybody, and every moment. Even in that movie, unless you watch the whole thing, the chance you will miss the "interesting" parts. Not to mention, we spoke of Claria as if she is unique. But how can we be so sure there are not other people just like her? Or, worse than her? I imagine one day she will play the kind of "movie" she really wanted to show, and there will be dozen of people in Syncademy drop everything they are doing and join her. It can all happen when Turael is asleep, or has his back turned. And it will totally go under the radar.

Many weeks later, when I resub, I introduced the idea to my FC. So we shared screen to watch something together while waiting for people to login to do maps.

What did we watch? Champion League football match.

Table of content of this series is here
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Arno Goodeye

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Cheeky Claria, the lalas aren't to be trusted
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