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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 11


Act 11: Final Verdict

Group Verdict were still raiding on the first week after 5.4 dropped, and our raid day fell on the third day after the patch 5.4 dropped. We now confidently got to the second intermission. With food and pot, sometimes we even managed to skip the first intermission all together. I seemed to get more confident on the second intermission. In the past weeks I often didn't align myself correctly and died from ultra flash. Now, I was quite confident on where I should be, got there early and checked my alignment. In fact, there were a few pulls that someone died on the other stack group for enumeration, but I was able to adjust and fill in the missing spot.

There were still a lot of death in the intermissions. I had lost track of what people dying from. Eventually, we had one pull where we got to the Verdict phase. We were doing the mechanics based on our debuff and wait for Gaval to cast.

Then in a flash of light, we wiped.

"There is an orb in the north need to be taken by a dps." Jade wrote in the chat.

"If it is north orb, it has to be someone with a Nisi debuff." I said. "So who had Nisi?"

"I had it but I took an orb." Aruzelt told us.

Then it was radio silence.

Amber decided that we should just start the next pull. After a wipe or two, we once again got to the Verdict phase.

"A DPS!!!" A voice said on discord. "A DPS needs to come to the north to take an orb!"

It was Jade. It was so weird as he never talked in voice before. It was the first time we ever heard him speaks.

It was too late, and we wiped again.

So it had to be someone who got the Nisi debuff. After checking everybody on their debuff, it was our RDM. I was quite sure it was him last time as well. Amber pulled out a guide and read to us on all the debuff that can happened during the Verdict phase and how we should handle it. Then, we had another pull.

Eventually, we reached the Verdict phase again. This time, I had the orange Nisi debuff. As I moved to my steam generator, I was shocked.

Someone had already engaged with my steam generator.

It was the RDM.

It was an instant wipe.

He was very apologitic in the chat. But I felt very tired. When the raid time was up, Amber asked if we wanted to extend the raid. I said to the group, "It only make sense to extend raid if we are close to a kill, but we are not. It will just get very frustrating at this point."

Not to mention that I preferred doing the 5.4 stuff. As it happened, I didn't even have the ilv to start the story for Eden Normal. I still need to grind tome to upgrade.

A week later, Amber told us that it will be our final raid of the year. As he prefered not to raid during the Chrismas and New Year time. Therefore, if we can't clear the fight today, we will resume in 2021. He suggested anyone who were unclear about the mechanics in the second intermission, Verdict should really look up a guide.

Our RDM due to internet connection issue, so we needed to look for a sub.

Talana agreed to sub for us, but because his static was raiding later that night, he can only be with us for less than 2 hours.

I suppose, at least we had 8 people.

The raid started with very odd pull. There were once we thought we were managed to skipped the first intermission, but appearently we didn't. So our position was off with the rest of the mechancis. There were one even stranger pull where we got the boss down the 0.7% when the first intermission started. The second intermission was basically back to back with the first intermission with hardly any time in between for the healers to heal.

It took like 4-5 very weird pull until we were finally at the Verdict phase again. We got passed that phase easily. Another J kick, the tank mechanics started to happend as the hidden mine showed up. As the dps who had the water debuff went to pop the hidden mine. I moved diagonally away from the mine with the stack marker.

Then something flew across the platform, and I was dead.

So there were chakrams!

In fact, I was not the only one who got hit by chakrams. We had 5 people died to chakram all at once, so it was a wipe.

Well, I guess it just not that simple.

Another pull started. This time we safely sailed pass the Verdict phase. In the light of what happened in the last pull, this time I just stopped dpsing and spinned my camera around looking for chakram.

I didn't see anything at first, then something was growning in the dark. The north pair was going to go across the middle part of the platform. Then I spinned my camera and check for the other pairs. Guess what, they were coming at East, also aiming across the centre.

I was already freaking out while running to a safe spot.

"Chakram! Chakram in the middle." I tried to tell other on discord, but I just can't manage to talk coherently.

Stuff flew across the screen, but all of us somehow survived. Apart from Talena who got the water debuff and ran at hidden mine.

However, at the same time, Laetitia called out for Enumeration.

It was too late for any of us to get to him. We went off to different directions to dodge the chakram.

As Laetitia was killed by the Enumeration, the boss went after the second in aggro list. Cure, our AST got hit by flame thrower and it was a one shot. Amber provoked the boss before it went off to anyone else. At that exact moment, the boss casted Final Beam and Final Punch on him.

Amber was down after taking two hits in a roll. Then, the boss jumped away. As the boss returned, he started spinning in orange glow.

Here we go, the last mechanics of the fight. The J-Storm!

Hmm, let me see. We had a healer and three dps left. None of the dps can rez. Even if Jade rez someone now, he needed to heal that person while also heal us on the repeated AOE.

I am not sure. What would a wise man do in this situation? Four years ago, I was a SMN and back then at least I can rez a healer. Why on earth do I decide to play MCH this time?

As I started contemplating my Eorzean life decision. I had forgotten to notice one important thing.

One very important thing!

It would have been a wipe if we were there doing MIL. But we were synced instead.

The boss has only 4% HP left. Before my next wildfire was off CD, the boss was dead. The achievements showed up along with the cutscene.

We technically cleared A8s, synced no echo.

But, what a mess.

Table of content of this series is here
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