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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 6

Act 6: Solo Exploration

While waiting for potentials to sign up for the PoTD group I advertised in Syncademy, I decided to do another solo run.

In preparation for this, I did two things. First of all, I used matched parties to grind floor 51-60 to get the gear pool to close to 60/60. I wanted to get to 99/99. However, it seems like floor 51-60 alone is not giving much more upgrade. The queue for higher floor was just not popping at all. Then, with the experience from these grind, I got my Arcanist to lv30 and opened up the SMN and SCH job.

I chose SMN over SCH on the that attempt. I thought SCH was a safer choice, but I had a feeling that I may run out of time in some floors, and struggled in the boss fight due to the low dps. So I opt for SMN.

The third solo attempt started.

Floor 1-19 were quite easy. I did get a mimic, but the pox damage was not big. Silver chest does nothing to my gear pool (already 60/60). Floor 21-39 were still a bit tricky for me. My character lv was often below the mob level, but I don't think it was the problem. I think my gear pool level might have hold me back here. I proceeded slowly and did not open any of the bronze chest here to avoid running into mimic. At lower floor, a bronze chest is not likely to give a podshed, so skipping it is a safe option. I started constantly looking back and check if there were any patrol mob. If there were any, patrol mob has to be killed first to make the corridor safe. I remembered there were a floor that I fought three patrol mob one by one before even moving to the second room.

There were a few close call even at the lower floor. Hitting the luring trap was one of them. I ended up using two witching back to back to get myself out. I might have be able to get away with one, but I honestly feared for my life at that time. There was also a time that I got pox prior getting into another floor with no item floor effect. I didn't have a serenity at that time. I can't even use potion and it was very scary. I ended up in Physick spam myself to keep my HP up. Yes, SMN still has Physick, but it only heal like 500 HP. It was better than nothing.

Mimic is still horrible no matter which floor it appears. As a caster, I don't have any skill to silence the pox cast, and I don't have the dps to kill it before the cast. Very often if I don't have a purity, or try to save the purity pom, I ended up in using sustain potion.

Speaking of sustain potion, this is something new for me. When I did PoTD in my last sub, it was back in 3.x and I don't think this item existed. It is a life saver in many situations. I was on a boss floor without a steel pom. I ended up in using a few sustain potion to keep my HP up. It also saves me from mimic, accidentally pull 2+ mob, or just use one to speed up my HP recovery.

I didn't expect I managed to get pass floor 100 initially, but somehow I managed. Before getting to that floor, I researched a bit about the boss. I haven't done any PotD since 3.x and I remember there were some mechanics on this boss. I ended up in checking out a video on people solo encounter with this boss and see how they handle this fight.

Everything went quite well until I hit floor 131-140. At first, I was engaging with a mob in the corridor, but suddenly not only one but two patrol mob (Ahriman) showed up. I noticed them too late and ended three mobs on me. I popped sustain potion and used two witching pom on this. My HP was dropped to very low. I think if I had hesitated or had encountered another mob, I would have dead. Then, on the boss floor at 140, I died because I didn't get out of the Kirubu to heal myself fast enough. In the video I watched, the guy made it so easy that I thought I just have to keep casting. Fortunately I had raising on, so I was revived. I did clear it on a second attempt, wasted an extra strength, steel and resolution.

At this point, I was scared to continue my journey into PotD. It was a strange feeling. It felt like I was walking on thin wires. The next step could well be my last.

As I feared, the run ended on floor 150. The mobs on floor 141-150 hit very hard. There was one who poison and cleave you. I ended up in using a lot of the sustain potion to stay alive. I was luck to even get to the boss floor.

I was so close to killing the boss, but one add managed to caught me. I can't move out of the AoE and died.

I suppose, I was not skilled enough to dodge consistently for 10 minutes. I made one mistake, then my luck also ran out at the same time.

Table of content of this series is here
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