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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 4

Act 4: Relic From Those Days

When I sub for this game the very first time, it was about 2 months after the 3.0 expansion had come out. By the time when I get to lv60, it was already close to patch 3.2. Although I started to raid, I came too late to have any experience on A3s.

The very first time when I did A3s in patch 3.2, when the fight was no longer current. It was with Asny, Aelia, Lily, and Lars. We were trying to queue for this fight in raid finder (similar to DF but for savage raid), and for some reasons it popped. I still remember in the first pull Lars got hit by both hands and die. He said on TS that he got double slapped. Somehow we all laughed back then when we connected with his other jokes that were usually on the nsfw side. Now as I remember this, it almost sounded out of context.

We didn't went far in that fight because the PUG healer just rage quit by the third pull. I think it was the day before he unsub or something, he said to us, "Don't miss me too much".

"Don't worry, I won't be." I replied immediately.

"Oh, I will be very sad." He said.

Strangely, after all these years, I wonder how has he been. I wonder if he is still playing the game, or has he moved on to some other advantures. Speaking of Lars, there were actually two Lars in Ceberus server. They were both WAR main and their last names were only a letter apart. I ran into the other Lars in PF from time to time, and it was super confusing.

Anyhow, there was an event on Syncademy on A3s. I can experience the fight at minimum IL now.

Given that there are people who are new/can't remember, we decided to start the fight with echo. We decided that if we managed to clear the fight with echo and still have time left, we will come back and try this again at minimum IL without acho.

The first two phase was not too bad. The digititis swaping was a mess the first time. We have markers, but given people are being knocked to a random direction, it was very chaotic. At the end, we marked the healers and tanks. We still aim for the markers, but we just aim to pass of debuff to anyone except whoever has the same role as ourselves, then we are safe. There were some mistakes in the hand of pain phase, so we wiped a few times there. The add phase was not bad, apart from some dps kept hanging out around the tanks and died from the tether explosion.

What was really mess up was the last phase when a tornado appeared at each water puddle. Because one tornado will spawn an orb that cannot be touched by anyone and the boss, the tank had to move the boss away. Then there is drainage, aoe, charge mechanics, people needed to be debuff all going on at the same time. I think the correct order to handle this is dodge the aoe, deal with the charge and esuna people with debuff. But it was so chaotic, I was very confused the first couple times. I rarely see the orb until it is really going to hit someone, which is too late. Koya was calling out the mechanics. If he wasn't there with us that day, I don't think we had a chance in this fight.

It took us 10 pulls to kill to boss.

How about min IL with no echo?

After clearing it with echo, we went back in with no echo this time. There was not much problem with the first two phase. I think we get the digititus under control. We wipe a few times because there were mess up in the hand of pain. The damage is definitely more intense. I don't have much chance to dps during the hand of pain or equilibrium, because the tanks are taking a lot of damage. I have to make sure people are topped off and shield almost always have to be up.

It was all fine until you see the last phase.

So there was a lot of things happening in the last phase. The problem here is, at min ilv with no echo, one mistake can kill not only you, but other people around you. I feel the hardest mechanics is where the boss was moved because of the Embolus, we have to dodge the Sluice, then come back for the protean wave. Very often the boss was in such an odd location that we can't quite get back to our clock position. Then people get hit twice on the protean wave and die.

In the end, we only made it to 17%.

Given we did all of these in two hours, I think it was going nicely. Of course, we had a easier time than the people who attempted it back in patch 3.0/3.1. In 5.x, when you die in a fight now, there is no long HP penalties. Although there is stats penalties, at least you are less likely to die on the next raid wide AOE. Then, all the ability timers are reset upon wipe, so there is no longer Raging Wipe and we have to wait for 2 minutes before the next pull. I also think that it helps that the jobs are easier to play. For example, tank no longer has aggro problem, so even when it gets damage down, it still won't lose aggro to the melee, or to WHM running medica 2. SCH dps kit has been nerf-ed, so you can pass your damage down debuff to any healer without much impact.

Even someone like me can handle the fight, maybe the echo is too powerful? Maybe the job adjustment made us too strong and effectively nerf everything? Maybe A3s really becomes a relic of the past?

So much from the good old static breaker.

Suffice to say, I would not have signed up as a healer if we were aiming to do MIL with no echo from the beginning. It was very a very good learning experience for me. I think I should heal more often in savage raid going forward. Maybe, when we come back to this next time for MIL with no echo, just maybe, I will be ready for the challenge.

Table of content of this series is here

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Oh, healing Min I-level with no echo stuff is soooooo much fun, isn't it? LOL

Seriously, doing really hard stuff that way as a healer is one of the most challenging things one can do in the game.

Not only do you have to try and keep yourself alive though all those mechanics, you have to keep the OTHERS alive too while you are trying to, you know, NOT die! ;p

Yeah, it's NOT for the feint of heart. ;-)

But God, it's soooo satisfying when you can say you have done it.
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